Idahoans Must Recognize the Threat of Proposed Changes to House Rule 64

Why is the supposedly ‘conservative’ Rep. Greg Chaney trying to curtail our freedom of speech?

The proposed changes to House Rule 64 would violate the rights of the people.

You can read more about the problems with these proposed changes here and here.

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You can contact your state representatives to express your concerns here.

You can contact Rep. Chaney directly by emailing or calling 208-332-1055.

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2 replies on “Idahoans Must Recognize the Threat of Proposed Changes to House Rule 64”

This is a bad idea. Writer brings up valid points. Portions of bill mentioned need to be more specific. The gun & weapon issue is worth addressing. As we are living in a seriously changing social environment, caution is needed both in being proactive in protection of the premises without damaging the rights of citizens to make their opinions visibly & audibly heard without being disruptive to the process. ( i.e. T-shirt or placard should be allowed but size defined. ) But this is about more than just who’s wearing or carrying what. Don’t be stampeded into bad choices suppressing our freedoms based on fear tactics as a part of the managed decline of our country.

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