Idaho Victims of Pandemic Policy and Law

Actual Accounts by Victims of Covid Policies in Idaho

The video you are about to see are actual accounts of victims affected by policies related to the Covid emergency by various factions in our state government and in some cases the CDC. It is important to understand what actually happened to many of Idaho’s citizens because of some of these draconian policies that were implemented during this purported emergency. Idahoans need to be prepared for any future emergency orders that might be initiated by either Idaho’s Health and Welfare Department, our executive or legislative branches of government or federal agencies such as the CDC. If we should encounter this type of situation again, we need to be able to reflect back on these past experiences when these rules caused in some cases irreparable harm to so many in our state.

This is a long video so we would suggest that you get a bag of popcorn while you watch and listen to the testimony of these individuals who participated in this conference. We think you will find it very enlightening.

The following were participants:

Christ Troupis Book

Leslie Manookian, Dr. Steven Pelech, Cody Bennett, Brent Regan. Washington County Commissioner Kirk Chandler, Cheryl Lundy, Evelyn Hamilton and niece, Jeff Stoldorf, Coralie Prager, and Viki Purdy.

Here is the link to the Video:

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