Idaho Republican Party Restores Voters’ Right to Vote in Presidential Contest

Challis, ID — Yesterday, members of the Idaho Republican State Central Committee overwhelmingly voted to choose their delegates for the Republican National Convention’s Presidential Nominating contest through a caucus system, adopting a caucus proposal at our summer meeting in Challis, Idaho. 

This vote moves Idaho into the early stages of the Republican Presidential nominating fight — allowing Idaho Republicans to vote fifth in the nation and before Super Tuesday. 

Commentators and political pundits expect this coming year’s race for the Republican nomination to be hotly contested, with every delegate selected playing a key role in the ultimate outcome. 

Earlier this year, some elected Idahoans voted to change and then remove the presidential primary from state statute, leaving Idaho Republican voters with zero ability to vote for their preference in the 2024 Presidential contest. 

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Recognizing the importance of voter participation and accessibility, the State Central Committee has also passed a resolution urging the legislature to reinstate the March presidential primary. In the event that the March Presidential primary is not restored, the Idaho Republican caucus will serve as our comprehensive plan to ensure a robust Presidential selection process. 

In response to the adoption of the caucus proposal, IDGOP Chairwoman Moon said, “Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for everyday hard-working Idahoans to have a voice in determining the direction of our republic and our beloved Idaho. Under the guise of ‘innovation,’ the wealthy and powerful want to manipulate our electoral systems to rig outcomes that favor their interests. The Idaho State Republican Party’s vote this weekend is a full on rejection of election gimmicks and a full 100% endorsement of a fair, transparent and open process.”

The Idaho Republican Party remains committed to upholding the principles that empower the citizens of Idaho to have a meaningful voice in shaping our nation’s future.

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One reply on “Idaho Republican Party Restores Voters’ Right to Vote in Presidential Contest”

The caucus must be handled carefully, so we are not there voting until midnight. Also, with the caucus those who vote absentee ballot do not get to vote. They are generally the older and better informed voters, so this is a huge mistake. The legislature needs to have a special session and rectify this huge mistake.

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