Idaho Legislative Update from Rep. Heather Scott

While many of us are enjoying a wonderful fall, bureaucrats and lobbyists are busy drafting more rules, fees and regulations that they hope will slip by without much citizen input or opposition.

The first Wednesday of each month, your Idaho government releases a bulletin with new proposed changes to Idaho code. You – the citizen have the opportunity to comment and negotiate with the bureaucracies, but only if you know where to find the proposed changes and follow the appropriate steps to offer input and oversight. You can also request hearings in your community to provide valuable input and changes to these proposed changes.

Click here to view October’s administrative rules:

This month’s new proposed administrative rules include hundreds of language changes, among which include:

  • 71% fee increase for individual water or sewer line permits.
  • permit exemption for state agencies/organizations to perform minor alterations in buildings & structures.
  • Changes to GED testing rules.
  • Education rules governing thoroughness and uniformity.
  • Adoption of the National Science Foundation’s Frameworks of Science in Idaho Schools (Common Core-Science).
  • New alternate assessments for special education students with disabilities to meet federal reporting requirements.
  • Rules of the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training.
  • Idaho residential mortgage practice rules.
  • Rules of the Idaho Board of Nursing. Standards and criteria to evaluate the continued competency of licensed nurses. License renewal requirements to practice nursing in Idaho.
  • Idaho Industrial Commission adoption of electronic claims and incorporation by reference, the current International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (“IAIABC”) EDI Claims Release 3.0 Implementation Guide.
  • Rules for psychologist examiners,outfitters and guides, professional counselors,appraisers, chiropractors and acupuncturists.
  • Statewide protocols in the event of a federal or state declared emergencyfor pharmacists allowing suspension of requirements for those who are licensed in another states and allowance of temporary and mobile pharmacies.
  • Rules governing overweight permits.
  • Rules on Parks and Recreation Board to enter into agreements with advertisers.
  • Railroad safety rules.
  • IDFG rules governing changes to hunter education, big game, game birds and fish takes.
  • IDFG proposed mandatory trapping training, rules and regulations for baiting and furbearer and predatory trapping.
  • Medicaid rules.
  • Water quality standards.

Please go to the rules link above and take a look at any proposed rules that might affect you, your family, your business or your neighbors. Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of the document! We each just need to review the sections that we have knowledge of or experience in. Together we can have an influence in our system of government, but only if we take the time to get involved. Each of us needs to do our part to keep our Republic in check!

 **If this is the first time you have been introduced to the administrative rules, please go to my website and read my last two newsletters which will explain the process in more detail.

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