Idaho Freedom Foundation Sounds the Alarm

Idaho is under attack, and we are sounding the alarm.

I thought long and hard this weekend about how I would tell you this, but there’s no other way to say it: the progressives are coming for Idaho.

Late last week, IFF News Director Dustin Hurst dropped a bombshell and exposed how Better Idaho, a new organization in our state, aims to turn Idaho even more toward progressive policies.

“Better Idaho is part of a quiet network of left-wing propaganda mills under the direction of ProgressNow,” Dustin wrote. “Based in Minnesota, ProgressNow coordinates left-wing media efforts to prop up leftist ideas.”

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I’m sorry to see this new front open up on in the war on conservative, free market policies. But I’m not surprised, either. The Left views Idaho as a good place to win, because a number of Idaho lawmakers already embrace a liberal agenda.

We now know the source of cash fueling Better Idaho, which spends its time smearing true conservatives: Big labor unions, wealthy liberal billionaires like George Soros and environmentalist radicals who want to maintain Washington, D.C.’s tight grip on Idaho lands.

The left isn’t playing anymore. Here’s what Better Idaho’s parent, ProgressNow, says about its mission here in Idaho:

Day in and day out, we’re working in our states to counter the right wing and create a perpetual issue advocacy culture. Whether we’re fighting against conservative policies or promoting progressive ones, we can be effective.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation stands ready to fight for our values: limited government, personal liberty and economic opportunity. Better Idaho and its union cash can’t deter our critical work that protects Idahoans from more government intrusion in their lives.

Read more of Dustin’s revealing article here.

We’ve fought big-government foot soldiers of both parties in the Capitol, and now we need to expand our operations. Activists in McCall are pushing a higher minimum wage within city boundaries. The pump has been primed to make the same push in Coeur d’Alene.

I won’t sugarcoat this: We need your help. Better Idaho, big labor unions and radical environmentalists want to force Idaho toward progressive policies.

Will you stand with fellow liberty-loving Idahoans as prepare for battle?

Will you donate to IFF to counter Better Idaho’s attacks? Click here to keep unions from turning Idaho into California. It’s time to stand for Idaho values.

I’m sorry if this email sounds so serious, but this isn’t a game. Unions and leftists want Idaho, and we need to defend it at all costs.

Yours for freedom,
Wayne Hoffman

P.S. Besides battling Better Idaho, we are fighting Politician Pension Payoffs, which help lawmakers cash in after lengthy careers in the Capitol. Check it out here

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