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Idaho Fights

It is time for our Idaho Congressional Delegation to stand up for our President and demand a legal vote count in the Presidential and other down-ballot elections across the United States. By not doing so Idaho’s Electoral votes will be negated and offset by votes in the Electoral College that were the result of fraudulent votes cast—ballot harvesting, bundling and curing, and the fraudulent counting of votes. Idaho citizens have a vested interest in securing our 4 Electoral votes and our Congressional Delegation is in a position to fight for those votes and for our President. For every illegal vote cast, a legal vote is marginalized especially when you are talking about a state where a few votes make a big difference in the Electoral calculous.

Our votes in Idaho do not fall into the abyss of miscounted, uncounted, or overcounted votes, but the candidate we overwhelmingly voted for has had his pathway to election impacted negatively by the fraudulent processes that have occurred in critical states.

Our Congressional Delegation represents us. WE voted for them to represent us. I hope they haven’t decided to pat us on our little heads and wait till the next election cycle to again decide to stand up for Idaho and Idaho citizens in Washington.

In the Senate, with Senator Risch and Crapo we have two committee chairmen and senior senators who are known and respected across the country and who now find themselves in a position to make Idaho and Idaho interests known. They can do this by the votes they cast in Congress but they can also be significant voices raised in the debate about a fraudulent election. Our two representatives Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher also can be influential in raising the battle flag over DC and be at the front of the line in representing Idaho Citizens and protecting our vote and protecting President Trump.

They should support the President’s attorneys and Sidney Powell as we move forward in the next two weeks. The legal standard for evidence and the scientific evidence brought forth from scientists from MIT are more than enough for any citizen to suspect the process was tainted that led up to the election and then with the vote-counting itself.

I am proud of our Idaho Congressional Delegation but I also believe that they should be at the front of this fight. I know Jim Risch to be one of the great attorneys that has crossed my path over the past 45 years. I know he is a man of great faith, and a man of great moral character. I would even like to see him join the President’s legal team—and maybe several other Senators like Senator Lee, Senator Cruz, and Senator Rubio. They all may have personal differences with the President, but an illegitimate election is worth fighting against.

Please stand up for and by our President. At least insist on proving that the election was legitimate before the electoral votes are cast. Every Idaho citizen needs to know that their vote wasn’t negated by a computer hacker or preprogrammed toggled shift of votes.

The time to fight is now! And Idaho fights

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If we want our beautiful Country to prosper, then we as a Nation need to adhere to and abide by truth, honesty, and integrity as well as the responsibility that every American should stand for and demand; our solemn duty to hold our national, state and local politicians accountable for their actions/inactions.
We do that through the belief in the integrity that only VALID and LEGALLY cast votes count. If we allow corruption, deceit, and lawlessness to prevail, we will FAIL as a Nation and thus begin the downward spiral into destroying our Nation from within.
We need to STANDUP and DEMAND that our voice is heard and that a re-count be done for ONLY valid and legally cast votes. All votes cast illegally are an ABOMINATION and will not be tolerated. We MUST stand for these principles, or we FAIL as a Nation; I pray that we stand for the rights and freedom that God so graciously gave us.

Amen, our elected officials have been waaaaaay too silent. Which suggests to me they are letting other people take care of what they should be doing to negate horrendous fraud or do they just not care and are part of the problem. To remain silent is complicity. As an aside, Huawei is banned from USA because of security risk yet our our votes in a national election can be counted by Dominion, a foreign co. connected to China, and transported to Europe via the internet (secure?)

Enjoy and agree with Dr Livingston that Senator Risch should be speaking out and contributing to the defense of the election.

anyone read Gov. Little’s comments Idaho Press 12/8/20@Thomas Plank? Topic heading but so much more. He gave a clear picture of his stance. Frightening.

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