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Human Sexuality 101

Children are extremely impressionable. They are easy to persuade. They lack an understanding of the moral predicates that should become the foundation for the philosophy that will determine how they make decisions as they move through life. Sexuality is a complex issue that requires an understanding of biology, genetics, psychology, and most importantly a spiritual moral code that informs the way we make all small and big decisions as we grow into adulthood. How can a young person who has never experienced a loving sexual relationship begin to understand the context of gender identity? Sexual identity and gender identity are completely different issues. One is biologic and the other is spiritual. Addressing one—gender identity, without addressing the other is like teaching my Australian Shepherd the calculous or teaching a member of JFAC that costs should be addressed before revenues (taxes) are distributed.

Masturbation children’s workshops, pornographic stimulation of young children, the intrusion into the lives of impressionable persuadable partially developed minds who are still trying to figure life out for themselves, is poisonous, and is a purposeful attack on the traditional family, and the values that families have been entrusted to teach to their children. It is not the place for schools, doctors, or psychologists to intrude into a family. This intrusion by a profession—education or medical, is a form of exploitation and should be confronted and condemned.

One can find in both The Bible and in the writings of the ancient Greeks (Aristotle in this case) a deep understanding of the types of affection and love and the unique and special applications of Philia (friendship), Storge (familial love), Eros(sexual love) and Agape(The love that is described in Corinthian’s 13). Each form of love is unique and has a unique place, purpose, and context. Each form can be uplifting and each call us to be unselfish. Each can be used for good or for evil. As Blaise Pascal pointed out there is a proper way of filling the “right empty holes in our hearts with the right kind of love”.

House Bill 675 described erroneously by Mrs. Betsy— better known amongst legislators as Hustle a story Russell or simply Betsy Hustle Russell”(HR) as the ANTI TRANS YOUTH TREATMENT BILL—the words “anti-trans” never appear in the bill and those who are against the bill are not “anti-trans”. Many of us know and have family members that are “trans” and we love them and understand the turmoil caused by the ambiguous amoral decisions they have made. In The Journal of The American Academy of Pediatrics it has been revealed that attempted suicide rates of transgender men are over 50%. 25% of transgender women and 41.8 % of those who describe themselves as “non-binary” have attempted suicide. These are 5-10 times higher rates than found amongst the general public. Actual suicides as reported by the CDC show a similar distribution when compared to the overall population. Family rejection, bullying and harassments are sited as causes. Never are issues of “moral conflict” addressed.

Identifying as a “trans” is placing oneself in a “self-harm cluster” according to The National Library of Medicine. Couching the argument in terms as “trans” vs “anti-trans” is intellectually dishonest, purposefully hurtful, and par for the course for those in the mainstream media like (HR), several of the legislators’ who spoke on the floor of the House yesterday, and many progressives who assume the moral high ground without an appropriate moral predicate. They create their own moralities based on feelings and emotions. There is not a Biblical or even recognizable humanitarian philosophical bases for their beliefs. They make things up as they go along. Sometimes the basis for a vote is simply pandering to a constituency.

I need to address the vote of Dr. Fred Wood MD who voted against the Bill. I have been introduced to Fred several times. He is a good man—I hope he is not offended by my referring to him in a binary fashion, but his vote reflected an allegiance to a philosophy of expedience and political pragmatism. The medical profession over the past two years has been exposed as lacking a fidelity to any type of a moral code—The Hippocratic Oath is such a code. Covid emergency mitigation strategies under Crises Standards of Care have exposed the professions acquiescence to public and political opinions that have subjugated ideas such as personhood and individual sovereignty. Ideas addressed specifically in the Hippocratic Oath and Nursing Codes. Today graduating medical students are many times given a choice of taking the ancient oath or the modern Hippocratic Oath. I chose to take the former. The newer version was created to accommodate abortions and forms of “non-curative surgeries”. But I find it interesting that in the new oath are the words: “Above all, I must not play God”.

Words worth contemplating when making any medical decision—even if you are a doctor legislator. Dr. Wood—where do your loyalties lie? To your conscience, your patients, and the oath you took, or to the Idaho Medical Association (IMA). Or to our Governor who you are trying to shield from signing onto House Bill 675?

“At The Devils Boothe are all things sold” RK

Time for our politicians—and the medical profession, to stop entertaining self-indulgent proclivities that have been shown throughout the 15,000 years of modern man to always be destructive. By applying an emotional based situational ethic standard to complex problems, we will destroy the very foundation of our society—the family. They need to start acting like responsible adults who apply a moral standard to their votes and decisions. Time to stop acting like impressionable easily persuadable children. Time to start acting like adults.

For the sake of our children and families.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

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