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How Important is your County Sheriff

While we often talk about a constitutional sheriff the question always seems to pop up, how do you define what a constitutional sheriff is? We have done some research and found a great article written by Sheriff Richard Mack, whom I have been fortunate enough to hear speak at several events in my life and will tell you he does know what a Constitutional Sheriff is.

With primary elections next month, it is time for everyone to find out if they really have a constitutional sheriff and if not why. You also need to know if your County prosecutor is conservative when we see what is happening in the big sanctuary cities where AGs and prosecutors don’t do their jobs and criminals are released back onto our streets. We live in dangerous times and every day we see our 2nd amendment rights being challenged by progressive governors and Attorney Generals while the criminals perpetrating the crimes are let loose on our streets to wreak havoc with illegal weapons. Our law enforcement officers are being killed every day by these criminals while our president continues to leave our borders wide open permitting the worst of the worst to enter our country. Anyone who thinks that Idaho is not a border state just take a look at the statistics on how many illegals and potential terrorists have already crossed our border from Canada.

When we ask what is a constitutional sheriff the answer often depends on who you ask. I mentioned Sheriff Richard Mack and would like to take some excerpts from comments he made on a website called the Constitutional Law Enforcement Association on constitutional sheriffs. Sheriff Mack explains that it is the duty of the County sheriff to stop criminal and out-of-control government from killing, abusing, violating, robbing, and destroying its own people. “The question needs to be posed to each and every sheriff of these United States; will you stand against tyranny?” The county sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official in America. He is the protector of the people, a peacekeeper, and guardian of liberty. The question you need to ask your sheriff is will you apply these principles of protection to federal criminals?

Many of the elected sheriffs who are unbelievers have taken a solemn oath to uphold and defend the constitution, however; they will tell you they have no authority to tell federal agents to do anything to stop them from victimizing local citizens. Truth be known, the sheriff has ultimate authority and law enforcement power within his jurisdiction. The sheriff’s job is to protect and defend all citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic. So ask your sheriff if government abuses were to take place in his county, would he intervene? The answer he gives you should be the determining factor when deciding if he or she is a true constitutional sheriff.

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It is your county sheriff’s duty to protect their citizens. “In Mack/Printz v USA, the U S Supreme Court declared that the states or their political subdivisions, “are not subject to federal direction.” The issue of federal authority was defined in a decision leaning on the Tenth Amendment where two sheriffs brought a suit objecting to being forced into federal service without compensation under provisions of the Brady Bill. This was a major landmark case in favor of states’ rights and local autonomy. This case exposed the lack of power and authority the federal government actually has. It was justice Scalia who spoke for the majority stating “the constitutions conferral upon congress of not all governmental powers but only discreet enumerated ones.” The tenth amendment clearly confirms “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution…are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The powers and jurisdiction granted to the federal government are few, precise, and expressly defined.

Your rights under the Constitution are only as good as the enforcement of those rights and that burden is borne by your elected County Sheriff. If he is not willing to defend you how will the constitution be enforced. The simple answer is “It Won’t”. We always hear the phrase “Everything is Local”. Well in this case it is absolutely true and if you elect the wrong person to represent you on the county level it could cost you your freedom and land you in the pokey.

We are all aware of what has been happening to President Trump with Bidens Lawfare and the weaponization of the federal law enforcement agencies along at the direction of the DOJ. When a government becomes corrupt as we have seen in the last few years there are few places to hide if they come after you on made-up charges. Your county sheriff is the last barrier to hold federal law enforcement at bay. We have seen how rogue federal agencies have arrested many of Trump’s supporters and associates on charges that would never hold up in a court with a conservative judge or jury. These people’s homes were raided in the early morning hours. They were arrested, put in handcuffs and leg irons, and hustled off to jail where they were strip searched and locked up until they made bail.

If Biden were to be reelected, would he be so blatant as to go after anyone who claimed to be MAGA? If he did who would protect you and me from this sort of tyranny? It’s time to be sure who you are voting for in the upcoming May primary and November 5th election. We know they are going to cheat just like in 2020 so we need to overwhelm them with an insurmountable number of votes. This is the year we take our country back from the RINOs and the progressives who would turn us into a 3rd world country with their Climate Change, Woke philosophy, and DEI. Know your candidates, do your homework, and get your butts to the polls to vote.


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Government has always been a fraud used by organized crime to rob the people of their property in a slow but sure way called taxation, which is theft. If you were to truly study government you would find it to be a religion established by the Synagogue of Satan. Their main objective is to wage war by deceit, coincidentally the motto of the Israeli mossad.
They put constitutions out their to deceive; they don’t obey them, or any law for that matter.
Sheriffs, without posses, are worthless. An ignorant citizenry are also worthless, but they vote, thinking someone else is smarter than them. Most all have been educated ignorant in the government schools and are just too ignorant to know or care.
I see no hope for America returning to being great again.
In a free country all “taxes” have to be voluntary, otherwise it is extortion, a crime. A constitutional sheriff would need to know this and a posse of educated citizenry would need to be formed to arrest and hang the organized crime ring that masquerades as “government”.

What is sorely needed is a widely distributed and advertised table that lists each candidate, their stances on a few dozen key issues, their background, track record, etc. We also need a sworn affidavit that the incumbent would actually use their local legal authority to block unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, and unethical Federal overreach for every single legal citizen! Too many RINOs aka Democrats in Disguise, are in office in Idaho.

Check out the Voting Guide here. It has some of what you need to make good decisions on May 21 and beyond:

FULL Voting Guide (short URL):

➡️ QUICK INDEX (short URL):

Great article. I have been asked several times to do research on the sheriff and sadly most people that haven’t done it don’t know it and rather than reading about it, find something they like and choose to believe it because it fits their narrative. Now it’s been some time since I did the research, but I always questioned “constitutional sheriff.” Now I don’t mean disrespect here at all because I agree with the article, but I never saw anything in our State or federal constitution about the sheriff and if I did, it may have been something merely acknowledging something to do with its election and term but not much else. So if what I am saying is true, how did a Sheriff become a “constitutional sheriff?” Well, I guess because since it is a county position, it may not be in a constitution because of what constitutions are, and who they apply to. If a federal constitution separates the states from the feds and the states separate the states from the people, where would the info on the sheriff be? Statutes? Are they all lawful? no. The good thing is that I think Doug may be the only one that would know. From all I could tell, the sheriff has a very interesting history that in many cases would be unbecoming of a freedom position but at some point became one along the way? I heard this was born out of common law but even common law defines the sheriff differently than we do today. As I say this, I can only share what I know and hope others may offer what they know so we all know better. Afterall, we can’t all know everything. Another consideration is the conspiracy that few still can’t admit exists that also includes the position of sheriff and that is the incremental abolition of such a position. No one seems to mention this or even why and without people knowing this, they will inadvertently fall into the trap anyway as mayors, cede their control to the city managers and the sheriff loses his power and authority to the Police Chief (mayor and city council). Why is this happening? The same reason we don’t have closed borders, why we have trade agreements, why we have governmental associations, Public-Private Partnerships and why our country is collapsing. If what I am saying is true, the position of the sheriff is more important than anyone seems to know because it is a direct affront to globalism because it strengthens separations of power rather than undermining them. If you wish to remain a republic, support a strong sheriff, and make good decisions, ask good questions on other elected position and for crying out loud, stop making bad decisions about who you vote for thinking they are good candidates then months later realizing they aren’t! As far as people wishing for a list, I only have one thing to say…A republic is for those that understand what it takes to keep it and part of that is understanding enough about people to make good decisions. I believe it is the antithesis of Americanism to expect others to do for you what you should be doing yourself but I could be wrong.

If my research is correct, the Duties of the sheriff are outlined in CHAPTER 22 of Idaho Statutes:

The ideals and oath of a constitutional sheriff are here:

I guess while I am at it (sorry), is to also say that people, even “liberty” one’s seem to like to entrust others with their freedoms, like Trump will save us?! yeah right. Will those that work so hard to getting a good sheriff into office abandon him after he gets elected like so many people o, thinking he is a king and knows everything? Bad people get into office because people that didn’t know better helped get them in, this is our fault, not theirs. One more thing to consider is this…When I mentioned that the position is a durect afront to globalism, I felt I should be more specific since few I know either know it or can’t very well define it. Would the sheriff (or other elected official) support globalism? Sure most of you say no but do you know for sure, when I know in meeting most of them that support Sustainable Development that have never even heard of it? Well, they haven’t because those that also elected them don’t either. In other words, if you are not aware of what the tentacles of globalism look like, you could be, supporting globalism without even knowing it and so could your sheriff. Please promise me for your children’s sake we will make better decisions this time because we are far better informed than we were and don’t be so qucik to write of what you find so hard to believe that just may not only be true but festing in your back yard. Ok, I am done now. LOL

Idaho has ES&S voting machines that the CEO said at a hearing that “all machines can be hacked.” We must vote, but we must ask for hand counts. No electronics should be used, that includes the ID scanners.

In Ada County, you will have a Constitutional Sheriff Candidate to vote for in November: Doug Traubel (Constitution Party). Endorsed by Sheriff Mack, Traubel’s website is here:

For selected “voting guide” information about Mr. Traubel, please use this short URL:

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