How conservatives can defeat ‘Club Republicana’

Aside from being entertaining, there are several useful lessons Republicans must learn from Donald Trump if we are to save the GOP and America:

  • Negotiate from strength
  • Never apologize for what you believe
  • Don’t be afraid of the media
  • Don’t be afraid to “go nuclear”

In a brilliant display of his business acumen, Trump demonstrated to the conservative Republican base exactly how to treat the Republican establishment and how to win back the Republican Party from the leftist leadership currently in control.

Donald Trump proved that a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners approach to politics is a winning strategy. But that kind of strategy takes guts – a rare commodity within the Republican Party these days.

The Republican Party is comprised of three primary factions. These are the Elite (party leadership, large donors, Chamber of Commerce, etc.), the True Conservatives and what I like to refer to as the Club Republicana faction. Club Republicana is made up primarily of low-information voters who mindlessly vote the Republican Party ticket and, for the most part, view their Republican Party membership as a social club. By virtue of its size alone, it is the Club Republicana, not the Elitist’s, that are the biggest problem for conservatives. Club Republicana is the faction responsible for the continued emasculation of the Republican Party and the election of RINOs.

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To Club Republicana, politics is a game. As long as the Republican wins, Club Republicana can pat itself on the back for a job well done. Club Republicana is under the delusion that any Republican, no matter how liberal, is better than any Democrat. They like meetings, fundraisers and the social aspects of a political party, but don’t like to think about things like policy, philosophy or principles.

Club Republicana members are primarily the “Lesser of 2 Evil” (LO2E) voters. They only support the “electable” candidate. They insist that everyone vote for the “candidate that can win.

It is Club Republicana that conservative Republicans must conquer. But how?

To Club Republicana, the Republican Party is not just the means to an end, it is an end in and of itself. This is their Achilles’ heel.

Club Republicana cowers in fear of the media, the party leadership and at the mere mention of a Republican defeat. The trick is to make them cower in fear of conservatives. To do this, we must do just as Donald Trump has done to the national Republican Party leadership – we take them hostage.

We start locally within our own county GOP chapters. No more contributions to the GOP. No more fundraisers. Campaign contributions go only to genuine conservative candidates directly.

We then actually work to defeat liberal Republicans, even if it means a Democratic victory. We must understand that electing a liberal Republican thinking that he or she will be any better than a liberal Democrat is nothing but a delusion. One need look no further than the mindless Republican poltroons currently in control of Congress to see that this is undeniably true. Understanding this makes us realize that we have very little to lose and everything to gain.

We tell our Republican GOP central committees that, regardless of the fact that we are Republicans, we will no longer play the game. We let it be known in no uncertain terms that we will take down the entire Republican Party before we support any more liberal Republicans. Contrary to the view of Club Republicana, the Republican Party is simply a means to an end, not an end in itself. When the Republican Party fails to serve that end, we will go elsewhere, and we will leave a trail of destruction in our wake. No compromises; no prisoners; just scorched Earth.

The Republican Party needs the conservative votes to win; we don’t need them – and we must let them know it.

We do everything publicly. We let the liberals in the media help us by publicly venting our anger with the GOP in letters to our local newspapers. They will see this as GOP self-destruction and be more than happy to publish our discontent. If we stick to our plan, they will be in for a big surprise.

Conservative Republicans need not be a majority to win, but we must be resolute. We must not bluff. If conservatives adopt this strategy, in time, we will see progress. Make no mistake, however; things are likely to get worse before they get better. Cancer isn’t cured overnight, and the patient must sometimes suffer serious side effects from the treatment, but the projected outcome is worth the discomfort.

Fearless, unapologetic, uncompromising conservatism is a winning philosophy. Ronald Reagan proved it. Donald Trump is proving it again. Just as you don’t cure cancer with candy, you will not cure either the GOP’s or America’s liberal infection with appeasement, compromise and political correctness.

Club Republicana won’t even know how to respond to a determined opponent. They have never faced one. When the pressure is applied, they will cry foul and call us every name you can imagine. They will blame conservatives for the apocalypse, just like they are doing to Donald Trump. In the end, however, they will collapse like a house of cards, just as they have always done.

This is the only strategy conservatives have left. We have tried “reaching across the aisle.” We have tried compromise. We have all voted for the Lesser-of-2-Evils candidate at one time or another. All this has resulted in the destruction of the Republican Party and America’s ever accelerating transformation into a third-world socialist cesspool.

The ship of state is sinking, and time is running out. Every election that passes is an opportunity lost.

The time for timidity is past. It’s time to play hardball, Trump style.

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