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I was born in North Dakota and like almost every child growing up in “The Prairie Rose” State I have seen for myself the ruts in the prairie running for many miles where wild buffalo used to roam. From our current vantage point in history, we are disgusted with the stories of the willful slaughter of one of the largest herds of mammals ever to walk the earth. When we go to Yellowstone or visit The Teddy Roosevelt Wilderness in North and South Dakota, we still stand amazed as we watch these small “herdlets” and feel the earth move when even a hundred or so of them run across the steppe.

I was thinking the other day that if I were a member of the progressive media “fake news establishment” 170 years ago, I could create a faux political narrative that could justify the white man’s large-scale slaughter of these magnificent beasts. Thinking of all the fake news stories in our time we need to exercise a stricter discipline in applying our critical thinking.—Y2K, Russian Collusion a secure border, the orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, Covid mitigation hysteria, and maybe most of all “Global Warming”—now called climate change because if one believes in cyclical climate change—which we all do, you have to also believe in cyclical global cooling, otherwise there would be no cycles; all are worthy of more critical analysis.

So, if CBS, MSNBC, CNN and Politico were reporting on the “mammocide” between 1855 and 1885, here is how the talking points might look with an eye toward the existential threat of global warming:

  1.  By eliminating enteric methane emissions government agencies and private scouts and outfitters are going to save the planet by eliminating dangerous emitters of methane. These hunts should be “subsidized” by government agencies in order to protect the environment.
  2. Over 100 million buffalo are roaming the planes each year emitting 2.5 billion metric tons of methane annually enough to keep the lights on in Garden City for a year Of coarse the only lights in Garden City back then were fueled with whale oil—Thomas Edison did save the whales! In fact he probably saved more whales than Jacques Cousteau!!
  3. That comes to over 100billion tons of methane produced from these magnificent flatulent emitting creatures per year. Maybe Garden City should have its’ own buffalo herd(?).
  4. It has been estimated that by the year 2019 there would be 6 billion TONS of CH4 emissions in the United States—11% by humans, equaling 600 metric tons of human flatulence.
  5. By the year 2023 we will have to either have eliminated the humans or the buffalo.
  6. There would be no moral equivalency to either action because both species are “higher life forms”. In humanistic terms they are both equal contributors to the “common good” of the universe.

Data for this article—though not my own extrapolations, was found in THE ENTERIC EMISSION STUDY in the EL SERVIER JOURNAL Vol. 150 Issue Pages 473-477. The original peer reviewed tier one “Climate Change data” used the number of 30 million bison for their extrapolations—hence my numbers though historically more accurate are three times larger.

Christ Troupis Book

I also did not calculate the Green House Gasses emanating from politicians in Washington DC and our State Capitals. If I were to do so I believe that the “enteric effect” would be less than the simple impact that hot air itself has on the environment; explaining the unusual and heretofore little described phenomena of “Boise Warming” the first two weeks of the legislative session, most felt the day of the State of The State address.

Maybe 170 years from now we will have invented some form of dynamic ventilation capture system for livestock and buffalo herds that will make windmills, waterwheels, and solar panels obsolete.

As far as John Kerry’s comments this weekend about the global warming emergency and the demise of humanity in the immediate future—and then he flies off in his private jet, I am truly flabbergasted.

How many times do these guys have to cry wolf or emergency only to collect their dividends from Occidental Petroleum (Al Gore), or British Petroleum (BP) or Exxon—disclaimer I own both stocks in my retirement portfolio and proudly so—as does almost every member of Congress I would believe.

There have been many environmentalists who have killed many buffalo—I think of Teddy Roosevelt and Buffalo Bill Cody. Teddy was an environmentalist—he appreciated the interrelationships of all living things. He understood ideals like stewardship and dominion. Buffalo Bill—maybe not so much.

Today’s Buffalo Bills are the environmentalists, who are subsidizing environmental solutions that have a negative impact on the environment by creating economic frictions that lower the standard of living of all people—mostly the poor and those living on the margins. The industrial revolution and capitalism have together created living conditions that the world has never seen. Just in the last 23 years the percentage of 8 billion people living a subsistence lifestyle has been cut from 25% to 10%.

The climate change charge is being led by many in the wealthiest top 1% who will see the smallest impact on their lives from the “faux climate change science” they are trying to indoctrinate us with. If ever there was unsettled science—and all science is unsettled, climate change sits at the front.

Our country has lowered greenhouse emissions more than any other country in the last 23 years. We are continuing to do so. China and Russia and India and the Arab States are going in the opposite direction.

We have been unable to control the warming effluent coming from the mouths of too many of our politicians. You know what they say—”Dilution is the solution to pollution”. Let’s dilute the fake news coming from our fake media and fake politicians. Let’s dilute the old guard in Idaho and Washington with new blood that is willing to act in the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE—not the special interests. Climate change is real and containable. Let’s work toward real solutions instead of exploiting false political narratives that hurt real people.

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