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Since there are multiple fronts of attacks occurring that are leading us to destruction, none any more or less important than another, it is easier to provide a quick snapshot of issues of which to be aware.

Censorship will advance even further as the World Economic Forum (WEF) has declared disinformation at the top of the list for global risks in 2024, actually superseding environmental threats. What that means is there will be an intensified effort to eliminate, refute, and/or censor any information that does not fit its narrative. In short, the WEF is clearly threatened by the backlash against its narrative that is occurring across the world. Cleverly, it is blaming AI for this spread of misinformation while at the same time touting its benefit for mankind.

Keeping in mind that top media corporations are members of the WEF, such as Google, Meta (Facebook), Comcast, NBCUniversal, and News Corp to name just a few, a full smorgasbord of information can, and will be more severely controlled. A classic example of this is the recent refusal to show former President Trump’s victory speech in Iowa. Or when he said he would be a dictator on day one was conveniently altered to exclude the full statement.

Oh, and don’t forget to start preparing for the next plandemic, Disease X.

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Depending on one’s perspective, good news may or may not be on the horizon. WEF pharmaceutical giants are working on a vaccine for the fentanyl crisis. Basically, this vaccine blocks the effects of fentanyl on the brain so the individual can’t get the high. So far, it has only been tested on rats, with “no side effects”…in rats that is. Interestingly, it doesn’t work for other types of opioids such as percodan, codeine, or heroin, which could prompt a vaccinated individual to swap over from fentanyl to another opioid. Sounds like a move that may add to a higher profit margin for pharmaceutical companies just as the Covid-19 vaccine did, more vaccines for all, just a prophylactic measure for everyone to deter them from ever using. Naturally, the survey says, approval. And no, so far, these vaccines are not made with mRNA technology.

Hmm, create synthetic fentanyl, use Covid-19 to exacerbate its lethality, so a vaccine could be developed to stop its effects? What about China?

Then there is the border. The reality is that we do not have a border crisis, we are not being invaded, although that idea may be contested by some. It is actually migration by invitation via the government. Acting as a welcoming committee, the government will provide photo ID cards for easy access to other benefits, maybe even voting eventually. Or migrants could just print their own ballot and mail it in.

As a result of the Global Refugee Forum held in 2023, the U.S. Department of State pledged 26 commitments towards 8 pledges “in meeting the needs of refugees and host communities” to help address the “forced displacements” across the globe. The State Department also made a “commitment to the Global Compact on Refugees…and…dedication to championing refugee protection and solutions”, an international cooperation effort. Other pledges include deliberately bringing in refugees from Rohingya, and joining the Global Alliance to End Statelessness.

Of course, funding is included in these pledges for refugee self reliance programs including WEF; working with the private sector for economic refugee inclusion, and assistance with finding work, attending school, and finding housing. So far, Idaho isn’t on this government WelcomeCorps program that accepts refugees, but there are plenty of other avenues for “refugees“.

It is known that this border issue is really about destroying America, but there is also some thought that there is intent to de-Christianize America, and decimate the white culture, at least according to Joe starting at the 10:24″ mark. Not once, as he blathers on, does he ever mention the privilege and responsibility of being an American. The border issue is a deliberate orchestration by countries, in which the United States is involved, to redistribute populations for economic reasons. This Department of Homeland Security website and report have some interesting information on immigration.

Speaking of the WEF, which most don’t give a tinker’s cuss about, just finished its annual meeting at Davos, having convened under the theme, Building Trust, while remaining ignorant in understanding why nobody trusts them. However, there was a panel on “What to Expect from a Possible Republican Administration?” Panel members included former Senator Rob Portman, The Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts, and what might be described as some other dolts. The panel discussion primarily centered around former President Trump, his previous presidency, and speculation about what he would do if he won the next election.

Kevin Roberts gave some surprising statements at the 9″ mark, chastising WEF by saying the political elites and unelected technocrats grasp over people should be destroyed; the next administration should make a list of every WEF agenda and object to all of them; upon Trump’s inauguration every unelected bureaucrat should be fired, that climate change policies should be confronted, and Trump should spend less money (39:30″ mark). Revitalizing self-governance was also mentioned (49:27 mark). The whole panel discussion is worth listening to regarding thoughts on another Trump presidency.

WEF also took a hit of criticism from Argentine President Javier Milei about its collectivist and socialism agenda, why the freedom of capitalism provides prosperity, and why social justice does not work. The full speech can be viewed starting at the 2:09″ mark. 

Bringing in confrontational speakers? Is it part of its Building Trust theme, to gaslight those who detest the WEF?

Meanwhile, attacks on agriculture and ranching are worldwide from Environment, Social Governance (ESG) policies in America, to banning nitrogen in the Netherlands, slashing fuel subsidies in Germany, enforcing climate policies and higher costs in France, and culling cattle in Ireland. All of these tactics are intended to bring devastation to the agricultural and ranching sectors in the world, and corporations involved in this are all WEF members. Bring on the insects. See those folks in the streets in Germany and France? That is what we should be doing on every destructive issue that has been brought into America’s soul.

One last thought for the day.

If anatomical parts do not define gender, how does adding/removing them affirm it?

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