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Here come the Clowns

Why are Liberals so sensitive when someone makes fun of them? We are speaking about the depiction of the new President of Boise State University as a clown. I only wish there were more clown pictures of the people in our education system to whom we pay obscene amounts of money for teaching our children to be good liberal democrats. We are at war but the war is with our public education system.

What is ironic about this depiction of our new Boise State University president is that people on the left took it so seriously and condemned it. What ever happened to the 1st amendment, did it disappear or was it rewritten by the left overnight? It seems that freedom of speech is only ok when it is applied to the left and should not be tolerated when it comes to its application by conservatives.

For the past 50 or 60 years, we as taxpayers of this country have been financing a silent revolution to turn our country into a socialized entity using our public educational system. It started in the more liberal of our United States with tenure being granted where you could not fire teachers for doing a bad job. The next critical event in our educational system was when the teachers’ unions would strike for higher salaries and more benefits.

As these unions grew stronger the parent-teachers associations became less and less important along with the parents’ involvement in the school systems and their boards of education. This was the beginning of the centralization of our education system leaving the local boards to attend only to the most menial chores. Eventually, the liberal bureaucrats had the jobs necessary within the system to make sure that the educational material they were buying and using to teach in our schools was more liberal in its content along with changing many of our historical values by simply changing history in the content of our history books. Keep in mind that all of the time these changes were taking place it was our taxpayer money being used to facilitate this new system. Public education budgets have now become the number one, two or three top items on most of our 50 states budgets.

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Our colleges have also been in transition for much of the last century using the same propaganda and slowly changing our college students to be more agreeable to a liberal-leaning thought process. They have achieved this by requiring certain liberally attuned courses be taken by students if they want to graduate the latest are those that deal with gender neutrality. We must also remember that 90% of our state college professors are left-leaning. It has been verified by many of our students of our state-run colleges that they have feared to air their conservative views in certain classes. Many students fear that expressing their conservative views could alienate their liberal professors encouraging them to give failing grades. The liberals have fully infiltrated our state educational systems stacking the boards by getting more liberal leftists appointed to these crucial positions where they can do almost anything they like to change the education process of our children. Take for instance a recent letter from the University of Colorado telling students to stop using the offensive word Americas on campus read the story HERE.

Idaho’s State Board of Education has a commanding say over everything that goes on in the education process in our state and it is full of left-leaning board members. They achieve their objective of turning our education system more liberal by hiring more left-leaning professors who set the educational programs and courses required to get degrees.

All of this takes place without the taxpayers’ consent who are ultimately footing the bill for the higher salaries being paid through the increased cost of tuitions financed by the guess who. The federal government loans are also financed by guess who, again the taxpayer. Government-sponsored loans can get as high as 6.31%, a rate you will not even find on most mortgages. So, in the end, the liberal left has a win-win situation. They get the taxpayers to not only fund the colleges that are charging these obscene tuitions and high salaries but have also given them the power to change the curriculums to meet their agenda. We taxpayers get to pay for these high tuitions with little or no say in this liberal agenda to change our country by changing the studies and culture in our colleges.

So depicting the new liberal head of Boise State University as a clown is really not going too far in our opinion because for far too many years we have been creating a circus of clowns throughout our country in our colleges and universities at the expense of the taxpaying public. If you want to know why America has changed just go and look in the mirror because we are the problem. We have abdicated our responsibility to monitor and become engaged in our educational process, thereby giving our permission for these changes to take place. If you want to solve the problem, you have to change the public education system at its roots by becoming involved and fixing a system that has gone too far to the left.

Think about how many votes a liberal candidate for president might get if they offered all of the students with these unpayable loans an opportunity to wipe the slate clean of 1.6 trillion dollars of debt. This has already become a platform for several of the current democratic candidates who are running in 2020. If you don’t think this could happen please think again because the voting habits of the American public are absolutely terrible. About 55.7 percent of eligible voters in the United States voted in the 2016 Presidential election. 2020 is just around the corner.

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