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Herding the Sheep

Well folks has everyone received their covid vaccine yet? What! You said no to the vaccination? Keep in mind that our Governor used to be in the Sheep business and it appears that he is trying to get back into it by trying to herd all Idahoans to get vaccinated.

Let us make our point that Critical thinking is a lost art. We have way too many sheep who follow the leader and do Simon Says. It seems that we no longer respect the rights of others, which is another lost art. We live in a world much changed in the past two years and the road we are heading down is going to be very narrow and bumpy. The government, our medical establishment and liberal media have managed to pit brother against brother, father against mother, sister against brother all for the lack of respect for one another’s God given right to choose.

We have seen the enemy and it is us. We listen to the media giants who continually pepper us with all kinds of lies while they run their constant commercials to tell people to get vaccinated. We listen to our politicians that we elected because we trusted them to work in our best interest only to find out that most of them are opportunists who care only about getting reelected. We listen to our medical professionals who we have trust with our lives and wellbeing but find that they have led us astray for the sake of following the governments established rules. The question now becomes who can we trust to tell us the truth anymore? The answer lies with people doing some real homework and restarting their critical thinking mode.

Everybody is concerned about the problem but it seems no one is talking about a solution. Americans have never been more divided because of the actions and fear tactics of our elected official’s medical establishment gurus and the liberal media giants. The primary reason that these divisions are becoming wider each and every day is fear for our lives because of a virus whose death rate is .02%. We have forgotten how to respect each other’s rights as human beings for fear of catching this virus which seems to have overtaken common sense. We know now that those who have been vaccinated can spread the virus just as much as those who have not been vaccinated in fact in many cases even more so. If the vaccine is so effective in keeping people from getting this virus why are we having all of these vaccination mandates from corporations and our President? If people are vaccinated and protected why would they worry about someone who is not vaccinated? Remember that Pfizer’s “Comirnaty” vaccine is the only FDA approved vaccine for Covid and will not be available till 2023. What they are calling the current vaccines now are still only Emergency Use approved. There is something very wrong with what is happening with these forced mandated vaccinations and it needs to stop now.

People are dying in our hospitals because of the bureaucrats at the CDC and NIH who are restricting doctors from using therapeutics that have been proven effective in stopping covid in its early stages. When you look at a country like India where they have used therapeutics like ivermedctin which have proven to work in stopping the virus when used in its early stages. So ask yourself why aren’t we using them here? Here is an article from the Desert Review:

This is something we have been talking about for weeks but the media and our elected officials continue to push for more vaccinations. These vaccination zealots don’t even consider the fact that if you have had covid you most likely have a stronger immunity than those who are vaccinated. The government only wants to vaccinate everyone regardless and so far they have been getting their way.

Who are those that are NOT getting the “JAB”? 1. Is Millennials 2. Is Blacks 3. Hispanics and 4 is people educated to the level of PHD”s and especially those who have had Stem Studies.

Who are those taking the “POKE” 1. Is Suburbanites, 2. Those educated to a level of Bachelor’s degree and 3. Those with a professional degree. Interesting spread in terms of the groups who trust the vaccine as opposed to those who don’t. The bottom line we need to allow people to choose and not coerce them into taking this non-vaccine which still only has only Emergency use Approval.

When our major hospitals send out reports they avoid giving context which is necessary if you want a true picture of what his happening inside them. When they give us a count of all the other available beds—peds stepdown units, cardiac, and telemetry we never get details on how many of each. Remember statewide at the beginning we were told we had 3500 total beds and 350 ICU beds. They have cut the bed counts in half and they know it. The problem has never been not enough beds the problem is and always has been not enough nurses to cover the beds available.

According to Fair Health they find that the National average charge for a complex hospital stay for Covid-19 is $317,810 while the average estimated allowed amount being paid by insurance is only $98,139.00.

A complex hospitalization will leave the average patient owing the hospital $219,671 after insurance. The hospitals in “Idaho” are making record profits as the patients go bankrupt. They are also collecting hundreds of millions from the federal government. The big question is why aren’t they using therapeutics’ like ivermectin? The reason is that our medical establishment in large hospitals have decided they will only use protocols recommended by the CDC and NIH. So with this strategy we are sure to see record numbers of Idahoans dying in the near term until they approve these therapeutics.

For those who are interested Ammon Bundy has published an excellent booklet that you can read at the website below which talks about how to stop the vaccine mandates and what you can do to oppose vaccinations and keep your job.

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