Have You Joined the Circus?

It has been about five years since our television went flying out the second floor window of our home. Since then we’ve seen glimpses of the outrageous “made for television” events which are effectively pitting American against American within a kaleidoscopic odyssey of hate. Not for some time with my financial support I must add. I don’t believe America is a racist country, I don’t believe global warming is real science and I don’t believe we should live our lives hiding under the bed in fear of everything from terrorists to measles. The constant barrage of manufactured bad news is fueling the emotional negatives that are chaining us to the belief that the only solutions big enough to solve these divisive problems resides at the feet of an overwhelming centralized government. What a farcical oligarch inspired, media approved non-reality! Government creates problems, it is no solution in itself. Government largess has completely destroyed the notion that people are free compounding the unfortunate side effects leaving neighbor to fear neighbor in a rising sea of growing discontent.

Limited and well defined government is now only a concept from a long ago lost virtue kindled at our founding. Today even Idaho’s legislature forges ahead to save ourselves from ourselves with legislation out the wazoo. Legislators are leaving in their wake of political ambition a once wholesome people now with little voice, apathetic regard for an independent future and inclined toward the downward spiral of economic dependency. Would you believe our State is colluding with the keepers of political correctness to sponsor Bills that would define your inalienable parental rights, protect you from your neighborhood bake sale, confine your children’s future to a one dimensional education system and offer up our once considered sacred Constitution to a host of ideologues who believe they can force the feds to balance the budget.

The constant erosion of individual liberty at the behest of compassionate and empathetic causes has been no easy outpost to defend. Do-gooders have encircled the natural course of man’s goodness with rules and regulations that have cost dearly. The complicit media spin cycle has dried up criticism collected after their rigorous agitation cycle leaving the public washed out with only the weavers of impenetrable webs fresh as a daisy. No, it’s not for me, I’ve tuned them out.

For more than five years now Dorothy and I have been fighting for simple Constitutional solutions to inspire individual liberty with little to show for the effort. Our only success, those fine people we have met across the State who hold and share our view. This simple yet most important realization has set us upon new course. No amount of pleading, badgering or prodding has activated those firmly glued to Fox News, talk radio or the internet blogosphere. Today we begin anew to mentor with our friends the ability to live a free and happy life while cutting the ties that bind. We hope to nurture true human compassion with the old fashion notion of neighborly love.

More about this next week. Until then I suggest you leave the three ringed circus of sensational media mind benders and say good bye to the network nitwits.

Gem State Patriot News