The Great Gun Control Debate Rages

There is only one issue in America this week: the mass murder at the Florida high school carried out by Nikolas Cruz. It was shocking. It was tragic. Unfortunately, you’re also only hearing one side of the argument. This tragic mass murder is all liberals can think about because a gun was used to commit such a heinous act.

We’ve heard all week how guns kill, and we need more gun control, and we must ban the specific kind of rifle used in this terrible slaughter. But no one has mentioned that as terrible as it is to see 17 young lives snuffed out on one day, in one place…this same death toll and carnage happens EVERY WEEKEND in Chicago.

The typical Chicago weekend shooting toll is 15 to 20 dead, plus 30 to 50 wounded. I repeat—this happens every weekend. Almost every victim is young—just like those poor high school kids. Almost every victim is black. The city is run 100% by Democrats. It has the strictest gun control laws in the country.

Why aren’t 17 deaths a weekend more important than 17 deaths in one incident? Why doesn’t gun control work in Chicago (or anywhere else)? Why is black genocide happening in a city controlled 100% by Democrats? Doesn’t that concern black Democrats? These are questions rarely asked by the liberal mainstream media after a mass shooting.

Have you heard about the massive violent crime wave in the UK? I’m betting you haven’t. It doesn’t support the liberal narrative. Keep in mind in the UK guns are banned. Yet UK violent crime is exploding and far surpasses violent crime in America. Knife attacks are up by 40%. Should we ban knives? Should we institute immediate “knife control”?

In Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London, robbery was up by 29%, sex crimes up 23%, violent crime up 20%. But worst of all, acid attacks are skyrocketing. The number of victims being sprayed in the face with acid is so prevalent, London police now carry special devices designed for treating acid victims in Middle East war zones. Police admit London is now the GLOBAL CAPITAL for acid attacks. A former Labor Minister admits that there are “no-go zones” all over London and the UK where deliverymen will not enter.

There were 5.3 million violent crimes in the UK and Wales last year. Very few of them needed a gun to destroy lives.

Then there’s the issue of FBI incompetence. It turns out Nikolas Cruz was reported to the FBI by a Mississippi bail bondsman last September after Cruz left a comment on YouTube that he was going to be “a professional school shooter.” It wasn’t an anonymous comment. The screen name was Nikolas Cruz. The FBI did nothing. They did manage to follow-up quickly with the bail bondsman after the shooting. Just as in repeated terrorism cases, another major fail for the FBI.

Coincidence? Maybe instead of faking evidence to FISA courts, illegally wiretapping a President, and wasting manpower on a “Russian collusion” wild goose chase, the FBI should be investigating real threats to our citizens.

Two more themes no one in the liberal mainstream media will say out loud.

Isn’t it time to discuss the role of Big Pharma and their mood-altering drugs in these mass murders? It seems like almost every mass murderer has prescription drugs in their system. Are we over-medicating an entire generation of young men with autism and ADD drugs, without acknowledging the changes in brain chemistry? Sure enough, it now appears Nikolas Cruz had autism and may have been taking prescription drugs. Guns don’t kill, but it appears people with mood-altering drugs do. Why won’t the mainstream media allow this debate? Could it be because Big Pharma pays for half the advertisements in the media?

Lastly, isn’t it time to discuss arming and training teachers and administrators for self-defense, so our children aren’t sitting ducks waiting to die in a classroom? Guns in the hands of good people save lives every day. Disarming schools hasn’t worked. As a matter of fact, virtually every mass shooting happens in a “Gun Free Zone.”

“The Great Gun Control Debate” rages. But these are the common sense stories and arguments you’re not hearing in the liberal-biased mainstream media.

Gem State Patriot News