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The Great Covid Caper

While I don’t believe we are heading for what Aldous Huxley described in his book “Brave New World”, I do believe that if Joe Biden is installed as the 46th president of these United States, we will see the beginning of the end when it comes to our constitutional freedoms. We saw the beginnings of this during the eight years of Obama’s “Hope and Change” society, which did little more than reduce our Americas stature in a world.

Obama began his tenure in a world rife with economic problems—European countries like Greece losing their credit worthiness because of their huge debt. The U.S. had a housing crisis, partially created by government’s desire to increase housing opportunities for low income individuals, that helped collapse our economy. Here Obama had the perfect situation in which to move the ball for his team down field.

To stem the tide of this crisis, which was created by many of our prominent Wall Street firms and large banks, the administration fashioned the bailout of bailouts designed to give billions of our tax dollars to these large institutions to keep them in business. These institutions who were responsible for this crisis by engaging in risky mortgage backed securities and derivatives brought our financial system to the brink of collapse.

Had it not been for a huge injection of capital by the Federal Reserve buying bad debt and creating government loans to keep the banking system solvent, could we have seen another great depression? It was during this crisis that the Obama administration caused undue harm by passing out free money to stem the tide of this crisis while imposing new rules and regulations that would hamper a real recovery for eight long years. Democrats are noted for never letting a good crisis go to waste, and they took full advantage of this one to help their friends in the banking industry and begin the green movement to eliminate fossil fuels as the energy of choice.

What we are seeing this time is another crisis created by a virus of Chinese origin, which was partially financed by the CDC by giving the Chinese millions to study and create these types of viruses. Whether the Corona Virus was introduced on purpose or by accident does not matter. What it created was another opportunity for the government to take control of our economy.

They started issuing rules and regulations that were geared to destroy a thriving economy with unemployment numbers that had not been seen since the great depression. Small businesses that were thriving soon began to fail as restrictions were imposed closing whatever businesses the government considered non-essential. We saw the demise of 20% of America’s small businesses.

Democrats and RINO republicans have been working together for years because we have allowed them to stay in office for long periods of time and build a deep state that controls just about every aspect of our lives with their rules and regulations. This virus—which we know has a recovery rate of 99.9% for those under 70 and a 99% recovery rate for those over 70—has been exploited by the liberal media and the Dems/RINOs to the fullest extent of the power we have given them over the years. Under the guise of safety and fear of death, they had their medical bureaucrats come out in the media and scare the living daylights out of Americans who fell for their BS—hook, line, and sinker.

Under the cover of the medical bureaucracies’ advice, they were permitted to close down our economy by dictating what businesses were essential. In essence, they declared war on small business and allowed the big business to continue their operations, basically unhampered. The deep state was once again in charge of our country issuing rules and regulations to help those that were their friends and to hurt those who were not.

Through the liberal media, they took control of public opinion through fear tactics, telling everyone that millions of Americans would die if they did not abide by their rules. They instituted unconstitutional election laws and rules making it easier for the deep state to get their candidates elected and, most importantly, to grab the top election prize the Presidency of the United States. With the help of a cadre of deep state operatives, they successfully infiltrated every sector of every swing state to make sure that Biden would win this election by any fraudulent method they could muster.

So who will be the beneficiaries if this election is allowed to stand and this covid crisis is allowed to continue? Well, this is not hard to figure out since it is the usual cronies who are guiding every event that is taking place. Let’s start with the corporate giants like the healthcare companies. As a share of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, health spending is creeping up to 20% as we continue to plunge deeper into debt. Who are the latest recipients of windfall profits from the government’s actions?

Predictably, it’s the Healthcare companies that have been ripping the American public off ever since Obamacare was given life. Covid has given new meaning to the words “Robber Barons”. Hospitals have received bailouts while furloughing tens of thousands of workers and compensating hospital executives with millions in salaries and benefits. Hospital chains have received over $15 billion in emergency funds during this so called covid crisis.

HCA healthcare, one of the world’s wealthiest hospital chains, earned more than $7 billion in profits over the past two years and is worth $36 billion. Its chief executive officer was paid $26 million in 2019. This company has received billions of dollars of taxpayer funds while laying off thousands of workers and cutting pay for tens of thousands of Doctors and nurses. Sixty of the country’s largest hospitals, including publicly traded juggernauts like HCA and Tenet Healthcare, elite nonprofits like the Mayo Clinic, and regional chains with thousands of beds and billions in cash are collectively sitting on tens of billions of dollars of cash reserves that are supposed to help them weather an unanticipated storm. Together, they awarded the five highest-paid officials at each chain about $874 million in the most recent year for which they have disclosed their finances.

Once again, the American taxpayer is being fleeced by the government to pay for bad hospital management. When will the people finally have enough of the deep state sucking the life out of those of us who pay them to manage our country? When will we finally say, “This is Unacceptable” and tell them we will not put up with any more of their bureaucratic BS.

I can assure you that it was not Trump’s idea to close down the economy but he was caught in a catch-22 situation of dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. In the past four decades, we have only had two presidents who actually cared about the people of this country, Ronald Regan and Donald Trump—the rest were a bunch of carpetbaggers looking to take whatever they could before they left office. Now they have stolen our election and we will be stuck with a lame brained president who can’t even remember where he is.

The verdict is now in, and we know who the real enemy of our country is as the outcome of this fraudulent election it will be the beginning of the end of this republic which has stood for 244 years. It’s time to stand up and be counted people, so get on your phones and computers and let your senators and congressman know if they do not protest this election and ask for a complete investigation into its fraudulent voting, they will face voters who will make sure they are the next ones to leave office.

It’s up to you, America.

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