Glenn Rohrer Announcement

My Friend,

On this memorable day of the first public reading of our U.S. Constitution 227 years ago, I am writing you to announce my campaign for the Idaho District #1 Senate seat as a Republican candidate. What ultimately drove me to this decision was the passage this year of special session House Bill H1 which for the first time in history requires our courts to process Hague Convention foreign tribunal orders.

This bill failed in committee, but Governor Otter called a special session, performed back room arm-twisting and secured the votes for passage claiming it was an emergency. The emergency was that the Federal Government was withholding some $43 million unless the bill passed.

Our current senator, Shawn Keough, didn’t need any coercion to vote yes since she supported this bill from the beginning. She also voted yes on each of the following bills, which are a small sample of similar ones (but voted no on S1096 to allow parental rights in education):

  • H0312 – Increased fees for certain vehicles plus increased fuel tax.
  • H0152 – Requires sign language interpreters to be licensed.
  • SCR128 – Resolution to accept certain fee/charge increases.
  • H0291 – Allows the State to hide certain transactions from the public.
  • S1098 – Allows State Parks to secure corporate advertising funding.

Have you had enough? I have! My campaign is based on protecting states rights and individual freedoms, reducing State taxes and fees, eliminating overreaching rules and regulations, and promoting business and job growth while preserving the beauty of North Idaho. This is why I would vote NO on each of the above listed bills.

I am asking for your support because we are all stakeholders in our future and we cannot afford to continue to be sold out to lobbyists, special interest groups, nor cave to the Federal Government. I promise that I will never surrender to coercion and that I will never sell my vote.

Please visit my web site to learn more. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions at 448-2096 (office) or 304-6124 (cell), and please be sure to vote.

Glenn Rohrer

“All political power is inherent in the people…”
Idaho State Constitution, Article 1, Section 2

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