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Glenn Beck, National Guard bonuses, and our politically-run healthcare system

Just a few words on Glenn Beck’s comments on the Charlie Rose Show. We all know Glenn Beck is a Cruz guy and is also upset because Trump wouldn’t come on his show. I don’t think it goes any further then a sour grapes attitude as a reason to beat up Trump.

On this order for National Guardsmen being ordered to pay back bonuses. Most people don’t understand that this problem was brought to light in 2014 to federal officials, and it was because of a Master Sgt. who was the Guards incentive manager. She pleaded guilty in 2011 to filing false claims of $15.2 million for bonuses between 2007 through Oct. 2009. The fact that these soldiers are being asked to pay back bonuses because of a mistake by the DOD shows you how dysfunctional our government is. This is a mere pittance when you think about the huge amounts of money wasted by our government. President Obama has issued numerous executive orders why couldn’t he solve this problem with one more order? We have Hillary Clinton who lost $6 billion while running the state department but I don’t hear anyone calling for her to repay that money. This is why Trump is so popular with the people who are tired of a government that really doesn’t know what it is doing.

You wonder why we have so many problems. Just look at the idiots who are running our country and you can see why we need someone with the resume of a CEO who has actually run a business and knows how to make intelligent decisions and hire the right people to manage an organization properly. Our healthcare system that is in shambles because of total mismanagement and incompetence by not only our politicians who passed the bill without reading it but the bureaucrats who run the HHS with over 15,000 new rules and regulations. We need to get the lobbyists out of our legislative decisions and Trump is the one who can do it, that is why they don’t want him to win.

Two years ago Steve Ackerman and I pleaded with our legislators and governor not to put in a State Healthcare exchange but they didn’t want to listen because of all the campaign donations they received from healthcare companies and lobbyists who would benefit if the exchange was passed. I’m going to make another prediction that if our legislature passes Medicaid Expansion we will be in even more hot water when the federal government cuts back on their subsidies to the point that it could put our state into bankruptcy in the future. We had a system that worked, yes it needed to be fine-tuned to take care of preexisting conditions and competitiveness of rates but free markets work and we need to get back to that premise. Problem is that our legislators and governor are controlled by the corporate lobbyists and until we get them out of decisions for our state we will continue to have problems.

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