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Get Er Done!

The Republican Party in both Idaho and Washington DC is dysfunctional. In Idaho we have the Eastern Republicans—District 2, led by Mike Simpson and Scot Bedke. The Western Republicans are led by Raul Labrador, Russ Fulcher and Dorothy Moon. Let’s see which faction is able to rally around one candidate for each statewide office, and let’s see which faction is able to facilitate once again the process of triangulation and force conservatives to run two against a liberal one.

In Washington DC we have a similar set up with Barak Obama calling the shots via his sycophants in the West Wing. The Democrats though they have a faction problem far bigger than the Republicans—think about “the squad”, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and John “pants” Fetterman. if you want to see what extreme faction looks like, but in the US House of Representatives their leadership has defined the opposition—Republicans, and the dems march in lock step to the beat of the progressive drums.

The Republicans on the other hand fight with whoever is in front of them—especially fellow Republicans. I mean the magnificent 8 who overthrew Kevin McCarthy without a “plan B” have done more to hurt the American public’s confidence in Republicans’ ability to rule than anything Obama/Bidens/Media Inc. has been able to accomplish. The democrats at least have a battle plan. We have a circular firing squad.

William Buckly has been credited with the statement, and I paraphrase, that he would rather be ruled by the first 436 names in the New York City phone book, than he would by the 436 members of The US Congress. Do you think it would take 436 random people 3 weeks to produce someone who would be their leader? I believe any republican member of the US Congress currently serving should be automatically disqualified from serving on a jury. They could never elect a foreman. If there was one virtue that I humbly submit is lacking in the Congressional Republican Caucus, it would be humility. Followed closely by prudence, and most assuredly this Friday night “temperance”.

When the Republican Congressional delegation returns from their Eastern Shore Holiday on Monday—or Mathews County on the Chesapeake Bay—they certainly don’t have the guts to return to their districts after the cluster fuba they presented to the American People these past two weeks, may I make a couple suggestions for the “closed caucus” to consider:

The first order of business should be to ask all congressman who want to be Speaker to anonymously put their names onto little balls that will be put into a basket that can be spun and drawn out one at a time. Everybody who didn’t put their name into the basket should have their balls—girl balls(pink) and boy balls(blue) if you will, put into another basket. Anyone not putting a blue or pink color on their ball that corresponds to their gender should be automatically disqualified. All the names put into the first basket should be thrown out as those members have proven to not have the humility to be a good leader. Spin the second basket and pull out a name and you have your new speaker if the Republicans pursuant to this process can line up in solidarity for the good of the party and the good of the country.

Or we could just draw a name from the Nampa phone book.

Or as Larry The Cable Guy would say—”Just get er done”

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3 replies on “Get Er Done!”

Seems to me that decades of being ruled by the “lesser of two evils” has finally done the job. McCarthy was definitely in that category. Possibly things have to break before a viable “plan B” can come into effect…

Maybe the other team already has a “plan B”. My father’s advice to me was to always have a “plan A” and a “plan B”.Conservatives also need a “plan B” in case Mr. Trump is unable to run. WE need to embrace process as well as ideology. No matter wha,t with the media and the dems against us, we need to stick together and thread the politcal needle in order to win in 2024—In Idaho and at the national level. If we don’t the bad guys win.

Do the American people a favor and don’t select a speaker. Leave Congress shut down. When was the last time Congress did anything good anyhow?

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