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Gem State Patriot Newsletter – Volume 54

Welcome to Volume 54 of the Gem State Patriot newsletter. This interactive newsletter allows comments and discussion and can be easily shared via social media. Please enjoy the following articles included in this edition of the Gem State Patriot.

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  1. Open Letter on Freedom of Choice in Healthcare by Bob “Nugie” Neugebauer
    You don’t have the right to restrict our choice of healthcare and you may someday need this very alternative healthcare to cure you or a loved one of a disease that the allopathic medicine does not have a remedy or a drug to cure.
  2. We Have Seen the Enemy and He is Us! by Rich Loudenback
    We seriously are own worst enemy!
  3. Bonners Ferry JBS Chapter Hosts William F. Jasper Speaking Event by Rich Loudenback
    Well known editor of The New American, William F. Jasper spoke to a capacity group at an event on Thursday March 10th at the Providence Bible Presbyterian Church in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
  4. What Gun Fight? by John Green
    When we examine the specifics of the supposed “gun fight”, we see that the fight quickly fizzles and the newspapers hyperbole is laid bare!
  5. John Green Announces Candidacy for Sherriff of Kootenai County by John Green
    John Green has announced that he is a Republican candidate for sheriff of Kootenai County.
  6. Open Letter to all Patriots – Martin Armstrong on Finicum murder by Darr Moon
    Martin Armstrong is calling out the government on many fronts and is calling the gunning down of LaVoy Finicum murder.
  7. Restoring the Party of Lincoln by Evalyn Bennett
    Lincoln’s greatest achievements were freeing the slaves and holding our nation together during and after the Civil War.
  8. To the voters in Legislative District 2 by Alan Littlejohn
    On March 10th, 2016, I, Alan Littlejohn (Republican), filed to seek the office of State Representative, District 2, Seat B.
  9. The Spreading Epidemic of Tribalism in America by Elaine Willman
    Obama has determined that integrating domestic tribalism with Middle Eastern tribalism is good “economic development” for America’s Indian tribes.
  10. Federal Domestic Abuse in the Western States by Elaine Willman
    This article discusses a federal model or template for the taking away of water, energy and food production in the Western States.
  11. Socialism/Collectivism Ends in Tyranny by Jim Hollingsworth
    We owe it to ourselves, and certainly to our children, to obtain and read short books about socialism.
  12. The Solution by Hari Heath
    The long term solution to both the Syrian refugee crisis and illegal immigration is the decriminalization of all drugs.
  13. Ridicule Warriors by Steven Neill
    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”
  14. When The Winner Is The Loser! by Douglas Jones
    “Contracting is the only business where the winner is the loser.”
  15. Endorsements and the Effect of Compromise by Robert W. Peck
    Nearly everything that the conservative movement once sought to “conserve” has now been forfeited. What we compromised in order to keep, we lost.
  16. Labrador and Goodlatte Introduce Broad Refugee Reform Legislation by Rep. Raul Labrador
    The bill reforms the refugee program by curbing fraud and strengthening public safety and national security.
  17. NWPOA Annual Dinner A Big Success by Rich Loudenback
    The Northwest Property Owners Alliance (NWPOA) held its Annual Dinner and Auction at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 5th.
  18. Destruction of Western Civilization: Financialization by Darrell Castle
    Financialization can be defined as the dictionary defines it, and that is, “an increase in the size and importance of a country’s financial sector relative to its overall economy.”
  19. What happened with the Petition to put Refugee Resettlement on the ballot? by Tom Howie
    The Citizens to End Refugee Resettlement started a petition drive in October, to ask Ada County Commissioners to give citizens a chance to vote on whether they want to stop refugee resettlement in the Treasure Valley or not.
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