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Rep. Russ Fulcher’s Statement on the Impeachment of President Trump

“Today, a stain will be left on the history of the U.S. House of Representatives… one which neither fact nor time will be able to wipe clean. Like other blights on history, this one is self-induced by the selfish ambition of mankind.

Having found themselves more desiring of power than service, the stewards of a once-honorable democrat party have weaponized the congressional process – one that was intended for liberty – in a desperate attempt to remove an American President and gain more control.

Although the attempt will ultimately fail, the stain will remain. And so it is.

Now, the responsibility for any positive mitigation lies with our nation’s parents and grandparents, to use this stain as a tool for teaching – and to explain to future Americans such that this will never happen again.”

One reply on “Rep. Russ Fulcher’s Statement on the Impeachment of President Trump”

The Senate must acquit our President Trump. Additionally, all who participated in advocating the impeachment must be sanctioned publicly and not ever allowed to run for any government position or employed by any government office again. For all the participants who are lawyers and members of the American Bar Association should be disbarred.

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