Firing Comey Is a Good Start… Now Fire Acting FBI Director McCabe

Perhaps liberals still don’t understand. Maybe they are blind, deaf and very dumb. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

But conservatives (like me) elected Donald Trump to drain the swamp. We have witnessed the conflicts of interest, double dealing, crony capitalism and corruption in DC at every turn, at every federal agency.

We all saw FBI Director Comey as a key part of the DC swamp. My first response to Comey’s firing was, “It’s about time. What took so long?”

As Al Pacino said in the movie “Scarface” to the killer of his business associate, “I never liked that guy…I never trusted that guy.” That’s how Trump voters felt about James Comey. His actions in investigating and absolving Hillary Clinton were to put it bluntly… “suspect.”

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The whole thing smelled bad. It smelled like…New Jersey. It smelled like the FBI had joined La Cosa Nostra.

Of course, liberals are freaking out. The nutty conspiracy theorists are back with their best “birther” fantasies. I guess they forget a few things…

* Hillary’s first act as president would have been firing the same guy. She’d have received a standing ovation from liberals.

* Hollywood liberals like Rosie O’Donnell were publicly demanding “FIRE COMEY” on their Twitter and Facebook accounts only weeks ago.

* Super liberal Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters just went on MSNBC and told the host (you can’t make this stuff up) that if Hillary had won “she should have fired him” and Waters admitted she would have fully supported Hillary. But Waters said she doesn’t support Trump’s decision to fire the same guy.

It’s now clear that Democrats are very confused people. They require straight-jackets just to keep their stories straight. Where’s Tony Soprano’s shrink when you need him?

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom was a guest on my national radio show on Thursday. The former FBI assistant boss told me, “Sure, President Trump can fire the FBI Director. The President can fire anyone he wants to and he doesn’t even have to say why.”

Case closed.

Onto more important news. The front page of Thursday’s newspaper actually featured the sub-headline, “McCabe candidate for new FBI leader.” This story came from the Tribune Washington Bureau. This, folks, is proof positive that Washington DC is even more corrupt and clueless than I thought.

Firing FBI Director Comey was a good start. But the new acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is far worse. McCabe not only won’t be the next FBI Director, he should be worried about going to prison himself. McCabe is at the center of possibly the worst bribery scandal in FBI history.

McCabe was the actual FBI official in charge of Hillary’s investigation. While leading Hillary’s investigation, McCabe’s wife was a Democrat running for state senate in Virginia. She received just under $700,000 in donations from PAC’s controlled by Virginia Governor Terry McAullife, who happens to be Bill and Hillary Clinton’s best friend and chief bagman for decades.

You can’t make this stuff up. Even the Gambino Crime Family would never ask the best friend of crime boss Gambino to donate $700,000 to the wife of the FBI agent investigating Gambino. You’d have to be out of your mind. Everyone involved would wind up in jail for decades for bribery.

But nothing shames the Clintons and their friends.

Was this bribery? I don’t know, but it sure quacks like a duck. It certainly qualifies as the worst conflict of interest in FBI history.

How was McCabe not instantly removed from the Hillary investigation by Comey? How was McCabe not suspended from the FBI by Comey? How was McCabe, his wife and McAuliffe all not led away in handcuffs by FBI agents?

Comey should have been fired long ago for allowing this to happen on his watch. Yet who replaces Comey as Acting FBI Director? McCabe. Who does the Tribune think is a candidate to become the new FBI leader? McCabe.

This is Exhibit A for everything wrong with big government and incestuous big media.

No Tribune Washington Bureau, McCabe won’t be FBI Director anytime soon. I guarantee you he’s not under consideration by President Trump. And…

If America is not to be confused with a Banana Republic, McCabe should soon be either out of a job, or on trial for bribery.

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