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Finally, Idaho has an Attorney General willing to do his Job

The election of Attorney General Raul Labrador could be a game-changer for Idaho. We have already seen AG Labrador stop the ridiculous and costly prosecution of Sara Brady and he is now entering the fracas in the Caldwell School District. The school district board closed down a recent meeting because of strong controversy over their adoption of new policies on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.

Idaho is slowly finding out just what its many boards of education are up to when it comes to these new policies that are finding their way into more of our school districts year after year. If it weren’t for state senators like Sen. Chris Trakel, who are opposed to the new policies we may have never known what was happening in our school system regarding gender identity and sexual orientation.

The fact that Raul Labrador our newly elected Attorney General is stepping into the arena and will be launching an investigation into these new policies which he thinks may violate Idaho law is giving us some comfort in this matter. It appears that Idaho law may be in conflict with Federal regulations according to Debbie Critchfield the State Superintendent of Education, however, Sen. Cindy Carlson from District 7 asked Critchfield to take action immediately and inform school boards that enacting or enforcing these policies could subject them to criminal charges under Idaho’s laws.

Thanks to Gov. Little, Idaho has been sucking up to the federal government for years because 33% of Idaho’s budget comes from them. The problem with taking funds from the feds is that they always come with strings attached to them. This is the same reason that our governor instituted the draconian rules during his State of Emergency Orders as much of the money coming from the Feds had Memorandums of Understanding attached to them.

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The federal government pays Idaho $32 million a year in PILT money which is supposed to reimburse us for its sequestration of 62% of our land that we have no access to. Our land and the natural resources on and under it are worth billions of dollars yet we have no access to them, and it is not much different for many other western states. They want to tell us what we can and can’t teach in our schools about sex and gender orientation while they tie up our natural resources without a valid reason. They continue to force government overreach on a sovereign state, and it must stop.

It is high time for our representatives in Washington to step up to the plate and do something about this onerous and unfair sequestration of our state’s wealth. Our natural resources are worth billions if we were permitted access to them. The federal government only pays us a mere pittance of 32 million dollars, and it is high time not only for Idaho but for every western state to take back control of their land.

There is no reason for the federal government to control this land. They do nothing to solve the problems with our forests and the terrible wildfires they have produced because of poor management. They do nothing to make the minerals under the surface available to us so we can mine them and bring better jobs and wealth to our state. It’s time our elected officials did something for the people of Idaho besides taking federal money and burdening us with their rules and regulations. Maybe our new Attorney General will find a way to get our land back, so he won’t have to do battle with so many of the federal regulations that are imposed on our state.

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12 replies on “Finally, Idaho has an Attorney General willing to do his Job”

Did you see Jim Jones attack on Raul over Sara Brady? This guy is crazy or more likely a plant by thE GOP to paint these people as insane
Good article what a needed change in that office

Can you imagine what an awesome state Idaho would be if we had a Governor Bundy, a Lt. Governor Giddings, and an Attorney General Labrador working together?

The voters failed to see this trio for what it could have been in 2022. Now Mr. Labrador must do ALL the heavy lifting by himself to help Idaho again become a free and financially independent state.

I hope the voters will be smarter next time around and will support Mr. Labrador in his efforts until then.

As long as more and more liberals come to Idaho, it will be harder and harder to keep Idaho a free and financially independent state. I, too, hope the voters of our state wake up and speak up for those doing their jobs in office. I am of the opinion that Bundy, Giddings, and Labrador would be an ideal combination to wean us away from depending on the federal government. The Fed. Gov. are dictators who always have a pocket full of more regulations and rules to keep them in power. Letting them get away with it is the same as burying our heads in the sand. Voting has consequences!

These 3 would have been a excellent trio. If the “plant” that was placed to root out Mr. Labrador 4yrs ago when he ran for Gov., we would not be in the mess we are in today.

I do so agree. Thankgoodness we have Raul. Maybe next time around we will blessed to have Bundy as governor and get rid of Commie Little.

I was in Weiser for Capitol for a Day last week. Governor Little was there with his appointed Bureaucrats from all of the State’s myriad of departments. It was daunting! This is a HUGE battle. There were a dozen departments, each which receives Federal money to operate. We are such a SOCIALIST STATE! It will take MAJOR efforts to unwind this horrid web of entanglement. When I stood and mentioned the 10th Amendment and how Idaho could be a self-sustaining sovereign State and tell the Feds to go pound salt — it was not well received. In fact, the Governor had to take 15 minutes to tell everyone how Idaho couldn’t possibly run without the millions of Federal Dollars it gets! Very disheartening. BUT, we do FINALLY have an AG who has integrity, strength of character and isn’t afraid to touch any “third rail!” I hope he stays in that position for more than one term. Idaho needs him to help dig out of the hole we are in!! His first step in stopping the prosecution of Sara Brady was wonderful!

When Gov. Little stands and ADMITS that Idaho can’t operate without federal funds, it doesn’t say much for his skills as a governor, now does it ?

I was worried when, seemingly, the entire RINO infrastructure came out against Mr. Labrador. What they did to McGeachin was bad enough. Fortunately Congressman Labrador’s service in D-1 was well known and I am sure made the difference. looking very much forward to his accomplishments as AG.

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