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Feeling Young

I am 71 years old, but today I am feeling rather young and spritely. When I look at the lists of fifty Idaho Republicans (there has been more than one list published), who are supporting Raul Labrador’s opponent in the State of Idaho Attorney General election, I would be remiss in not pointing out that their average age is well over mine. They are the septa-octogenarian wing of the Republican Party in Idaho. They are the past—not the future. I note that there was nobody in the crowd representing the Young Republicans or for that matter younger Republicans. Lori Otter was the youngest speaker that I watched on TV, and with all due respect she is not a “young Republican”.

As a group, they can be characterized as “Romneycans”. Just like what is happening in Utah where Mr. Mitt Romney has turned his back on fellow Republican Senator Mike Lee, and has not endorsed the senior Senator in his reelection campaign, In Idaho we see the Romney, Otter, Jim Jones—Take Back Idaho (TBI), Batt Bedke, and Luna cabal of legacy, moneyed, millionaire, corporatist, and PERSIiest (everyone is entitled to their retirement but being on PERSI identifies people who have made their life’s work in government), and may lack the perspective of working in the private sector. Which begs the question—is there “means testing” for PERSI, because I note that there are several millionaires in the group who I bet are still receiving their PERSI benefits! I have changed a famous C. S. Lewis quote a little bit to describe these carried political insiders:

“If government is your god, then WE THE PEOPLE aren’t your church.”

And from Ronald Reagan “Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem”

Let me list some characteristics of the list of mostly sclerotic (if you’re older than me—71, you’re sclerotic) Idaho Romneycins:

  1. They are old—Did I already mention that?
  2. Most have been in government for many years—several for their entire professional lives.
  3. Many—if not the majority are Pro-Choice
  4. Several of the people on the list who were Idaho legislators had Freedom Index scores below 50%—more in line with the scores of Democrats.
  5. Several on the list voted for Medicaid Expansion
  6. A large number on the list have received campaign funding from the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry in the past. Not to mention the IEA/IMA/ IHA.
  7. One member on the list lost his Republican legislative primary race and is now supporting the Democrat against his former and now victorious opponent in the General Election!—Can we all listen quietly to the cry “Nani-Nani-Booboo”
  8. Tony Park and Cherie Buckner-Webb are endorsing Raul’s Opponent

I have not seen a formal endorsement from the Idaho Bar Association, ACLU, The Idaho Medical (Hospital) Association, or Pro-Choice Organizations or IACI. If they endorse or stay neutral in this campaign that will tell you where the “establishment ” Republicans and Democrats are lining up. When A. J. Balukoff and Lori (Mrs. “Butch”) Otter support the same candidate that tells you that the “good old boys and gals” fear losing power.

In the end, this is all about power. The “OLD GUARD” fears Raul Labrador because their symbiotic and parasitic relationships and the way they have conducted government from behind the scenes over the past 30 years could become more than problematic if exposed. They fear not only losing power, but they also fear being exposed for the way they have done business since before many of those younger than me—71yrs, and before many “Young Republicans” were even born.

Gosh, I just looked at the list again. Time to go out and swim ANOTHER mile, play some golf, go to the shooting range, and have a romantic evening with the beautiful Mrs. Livingston.

I AM FEELING YOUNGER TODAY—than my stated age— thanks to the “list”

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