Federal Notice “Traders with Indians” — feds going back to the dark ages…

Today’s Federal Register notices an upcoming proposed rule for “Traders with Indians”…

It is astounding to me that all Indian reservations are co-located within counties and towns wherein tribal governments have no jurisdiction over non-tribal persons, businesses or properties… AND YET… the escalating efforts to reverse history and further federalize the states, Indian reservations and the West just keeps rolling out rogue.

The current Administration and federal agencies are truly “unsettling the West.”

The drive to knock out food production by confiscating state waters for fish for tribes, to the peril of irrigation; knocking out cattle production needed grazing lands; taking down dams… and NOW it appears we’re going back over a hundred years to give power to tribes over “traders”…

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The attached Federal Register is one of those “sleeper cell” ideas to further drive off non-tribal persons and businesses from reservations, and ramp up tribal governance over non-Indians. I truly believe that this innocuous notice bears serious watching, and if I’m correct, we must raise all holy hell.

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