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Fear is Blurring the Line between Politics & Science

Why anyone was surprised at the speech given by Governor Little about the desperate problem we have with Covid cases is beyond me. This governor has to be one of our least logical elected officials who’s been thrust upon the people of Idaho after winning his primary by a plurality of just 37% of the vote. Here is a man who I doubt has ever run anything without the help of advisors to show him the right path because he certainly can’t find it himself. Ever since declaring a state of emergency in Idaho, he has flubbed and floundered around making irrational decisions causing untold harm to many Idahoans both economically and medically.

He is the one who decided what businesses were essential and which ones were not. He is the one who allowed the mask mandates to take place without any real science behind them. He is the person responsible for the unavailability of Hydroxychloroquine in our state. He is the one who is responsible for the current crisis with staffing our hospitals. This man should tender his resignation along with House speaker Bedke for dereliction of duty. He claims he doesn’t want to interfere in private business. Well if that’s the case why did he decide what businesses where to be allowed to stay open and which ones were non-essential and should be closed. I would think this would be the ultimate interference with businesses in our state.

Last week our Lt. Governor Janice McGechin initiated a meeting between Governor Little and the nurses who are Board Members of Take A Stand Now to discuss vaccine mandates by St. Luke’s St. Al’s and Primary Health. Governor Little did not even have the courage to meet with them in person instead they had a phone conversation. As reported on Kevin Millers Blog the TASN asked the governor if he would call a special session of the legislature and he said he is not inclined to do that. When asked if he would ask Speaker Bedke to bring the legislature back he said flatly “NO”. While the TASN were in the middle of asking questions the governor just up and left the call and went about his business.

As stated by the TASN spokesperson Victoria Stump “We cannot assume that Governor Little is for the people of Idaho”. Well that is something that everyone now knows. It high time that all the people of Idaho understand just who Governor Little represents, it is the elite hierarchy of the corporations and the lobbyists at IACI. Little is not a leader and he proves that more every day with the bad decisions he has been making. His only interest has been to keep this emergency going for as long as possible to suck down as many federal dollars as are available for the Medical industrial complex. You can be assured that they will be his biggest supporters in his reelection campaign along with IACI.

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We have a crisis with our healthcare workers in Idaho and it has been the fault of our governor and house speaker Bedke that we have not been able to solve it. Now the governor has had to call in the National Guard to fill in for hospital workers that have either been laid off or left because of vaccine mandates. When you listen to the medical experts we are still learning about this virus and what they do know is that the vaccine is 80 to 90% effective in saving the lives of the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, when it comes to halting the spread of the virus it is only 40 to 60% effective ACCORDING TO THE CDC. This vaccine is not going to get us to the point where we have mitigated the risk to our fellow man with these ridiculous mandates. They are divisive, authoritarian, impractical, and unnecessary. We are forcing the rights of the collective against the rights of the individual into a political situation. The mandates do not get us to where we want to go. It doesn’t provide the protection which is the underlying logic and instead divides us at a time when we definitely need less division.

Think about the situation being talked about in Toronto where you have groups of citizens who are calling for those who refuse the vaccination should not receive medical care if they get the virus. Is this any different than how the Jews were characterized as a special population, discriminated against because of intangible illogical arguments that were not grounded in reality but are driven by fear. We all need to start thinking logically about the truths and the fiction of what is happening. We need to stop politicizing this virus on social media, in the workplace and in our educational institutions. We need to overcome the fear of something that has a 99.97% survival rate for those under 70 and worry about protecting those who are the most vulnerable. You cannot do that with mandates as they will just divide us further.

If the medical community is looking for this vaccine to give us the ultimate, herd immunity it is not a logical concept to pursue as the CDC says the vaccine is only 40 to 60% effective in preventing the spread of covid. It seems more logical to us that we would be better off allowing the virus to run its course with those who are least vulnerable and protect those who are the most critically affected. The problem is we have made this a political problem and as we all know there is no logic in politics only the quest for money and reelection.

If we accept the fear being propagated by those who are in power and allow them to have their way in casting out all those who do not adhere to their beliefs and rules we have failed as a people of God and as a freedom-loving nation. It is time to start using the logic that God has given to each and every one of us. We need to start thinking for ourselves instead of hanging on every word being broadcast by the media or technological giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter who have brought nothing but division and fear to our country.

In reality “There is nothing to Fear but Fear Itself”.

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8 replies on “Fear is Blurring the Line between Politics & Science”

Little is clueless, has zero concept of Citizen’s Rights.
Bedke is vicious, uses his position to take down his political opponents by way of Kangaroo Courts.
The reign of these two Clowns is over.

We need to be “DONE!” with these RINO’S once and for all!!! Look at the Democrp spending bill Crapo and Risch just helped pass. They have to get “primaried” or we won’t survive this push for all out tyranny. Vote for Gilbert for US Senate.

The fact that nurses and other healthcare workers are declining to be vaccinated ought to scare the hell out of anyone considering being vaccination as prevention.
I was an Emergency Room nurse for years and have declined the shot as ineffective at best, and dangerous at worst. The same can be said for National Guard units staffing hospitals.

I’m going to do everything I can to expose these rhino’s for what they are and make sure they don’t get reelected in 2022. Idahoans need to wake up.

What CDC web page backs up your claim that: “Unfortunately, when it comes to halting the spread of the virus it is only 40 to 60% effective ACCORDING TO THE CDC?”

I think that instead refers to the influenza vaccine rather than covid.

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