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Extremist Bullies Rule our State

For the past 4 days I have read and listened to folks in the media opine about the “deep fractures” in the Idaho Republican Party. I reviewed the press release from Take Back Idaho (TBI) implying that our new Republican Party Chairwoman is an “extremist”. Like a bully who has just been “stuffed in the mouth”, they are proving their true characters. I talked today with a close friend—a lifetime Idaho Republican and a retired schoolteacher. He and I both believe that there Bedke are two factions in our Republican Party—The Romney—Cheney—Bush—Otter, Little, faction that is represented by (TBI) and who supported Tom Luna; and the more conservative group of Idaho mainstream Trump—DeSantis wing of the party. The media has been cozying with the former bunch for years and they have tried to paint conservatives like me with broad strokes. Names like reactionary, fascist, and extremist appear in articles with reference to The John Birch Society and “The Proud boys”. Propagating an implied guilt by factitious non-existent associations is a form of literary and political calumnies. It is cowardly and reflects more on the person making the false claim than it does on the people about who the claim is falsely made.

The Statement by (TBI) reported in the Capital Sun is a perfect example of such a calumny and false witness. The reporter and the claimant are both to blame for fostering a mistruth. Fake news is a covenant relationship between two liars—the reporter and the source.

Republican opposition group responds to Moon’s election.

Members of Take Back Idaho, a group of Republicans from across Idaho who are opposed to extremism within the party, issued a statement saying the election represents a dangerous lurch to the fringes of the party.

“Dorothy Moon’s election to Idaho GOP leadership is disturbing. Moon’s dangerous gallery of associations— including militant Ammon Bundy, militia leader Eric Parker, convicted rapist Aaron von Ehlinger, and white nationalists like Wendy Rogers — should be disqualifying for state party leadership,” the statement said. “But, fresh from their rightful rejection by Idaho voters just eight weeks ago, Moon and her powerful cronies are doing what they do best: changing the rules, courting extremists, and demanding allegiance to their dark vision for Idaho. With Dorothy Moon’s election to leadership, the Idaho Republican Party has firmly lost all touch with the average Idahoan.

Regarding “Providential Issues” I am mostly in agreement with Governor Little. “First Amendment”, The Sanctity of Life as it applies to the unborn child, and the “Second Amendment” right to protection are examples of issues whose predicates are grounded in Biblical Theology and Natural Rights Political Philosophy. My arguments with our Governor are about his symbiotic relationships with special interests—IACI, IHA/IMA, IEA, and the cronyism and corporate collusion that existed before he came governor but has increased exponentially under his regimen. Individuals and Idaho families have been hurt many times over by his taking advice from a Covid advisory panel made up of lobbyists and special interests without involving people on the ground from the nursing and medical communities. Mafia Don’s attended Mass regularly and contributed to The Church—they were and are still corrupt.

The “uncoupling of party from business tribute”—lobbyists, and money from out of State needs to be a priority. Just like Teddy Roosevelt reformed government at the end of the nineteenth century in New York State, we need a Governor committed to ending the influence of the monied class on Republican politics and Idaho State Governance. There are a class of people working in government and lobbying government who call themselves “WE BEES”—AS IN WE WILL BE HERE AFTER EVERYONE ELSE is gone. They are lobbyists and bureaucrats working in State government they bounce back and forth between the private sector, State agencies, and lobbyist shops. They aren’t elected. Most citizens don’t even know who they are. Some of them even make more money than the Governor or the BSU football coach—who is at least accountable as his wins and losses are available for everyone to see.

One of the members of (TBI) has opined in the press that he is supportive of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our universities. He is never identified as being an extremist but to my way of thinking the whole Robin DeAngelo white privilege woke political and social philosophy is racist and is the very definition of “racist” and is extreme.

I call on all the members of the Board of (TBI), several who I consider to be friends and who I respect, to reject the statement above.

I ask Governor Brad Little to renounce that statement and congratulate Chairwoman Moon on her great victory publicly.

And I ask the members of the press to directly confront Mr. Little and ask him if he renounces and rejects the corruption in Idaho State government that is ubiquitous, offensive, and hurtful to Idaho families.

The quickest way of attacking the symbiotic cronyism in Idaho politics and government is to dramatically decrease the size of government and reduce taxes. Would Governor Little support such a program? We need somebody in the press to at least ask the question and the people of Idaho deserve an answer.

I support Dorothy Moon 100%. Idaho values are not extreme. The grassroots Idaho Republicans who rejected the status quo and elected Dorothy Moon are not extremists. It is my opinion that the people that use such language to define Idahoans and our shared virtue and values are the real extremists.

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If you think the press in Idaho, with a tiny number of exceptions, is prepared to do anything but continue to carry water for the left, you are sadly mistaken.

Dorothy Moon is the change that’s needed in the Republican Party and to someone who loves Idaho, the United States of America and the constitution, she is perfect!

Following TBI is what will lead us to being more like California, if that’s what you want, my suggestion is to move there, it’s truly a beautiful state.

It is getting old to hear that people that are trying to get away from all the “good ole boys” is extreme. I am pushing 60 and can’t stand to see the same garbage after every election. Trump showed us that regular people can and should be in office. We can make changes and Dorothy Moon is just a great start.

I like and agree with all three of these replies!
Kudos to each, and Thank You, Gem State News!

While it is great that Dorothy Moon is now GOP Chair, there is one other item to consider.
The republican party has a Zuckerberg Loving Liberal running for Secretary of State.
That is an absolute NO VOTE.

Therefore a write in campaign, “Dorothy Moon for Secretary of State”, would be most appreciated.

What do you mean by emtremist… Name calling is not going to fix idaho or keep idaho idaho… Perhaps protecting our liberties is too extreme for some but if we dont take a stand now… Well be changing our name to oregon. Officials need term limits to keep them honest and energetic

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