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Exposing the Real Insurrection

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them” (Ephesians 5:11)

Fifteen months have passed since foreign and domestic actors conducted a planned insurrection to overthrow our constitutional Republic.

The voting and election fraud and other illegal or anomalous elections activity committed prior to, during, and after the November 2, 2020 General Election are documented in reports by Peter Navarro ( and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (, witness testimony to state legislatures, sworn affidavits, forensic audits (for example, see, and most recently, True the Vote’s evidence of illegal ballot harvesting in Georgia’s General Election and Senate run-off elections (True the Vote also has similar evidence pending for five more states):[1]

Yet despite overwhelming evidence of outcome-determining voter and election fraud, the courts, media, and state election officials continue to prop up an illegitimate presidency (and associated Cabinet and Congress members) that has wreaked havoc with our border security, economy, military, and education and health care systems.

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Patriots are still waiting for justice.

An 82-page bill of complaint documenting voter fraud in five states was prepared for filing with the Supreme Court on November 23, 2021, but has not yet (to the best of my knowledge) been submitted by the desired plaintiffs (one or more state attorneys general). See

Attorneys General, We the People are waiting for you to DEFEND OUR REPUBLIC and file this bill of complaint.

But there was more interference with the 2020 General Election than “traditional” voter fraud.

Data identifying thousands of cyber attacks changing election results from Trump to Biden are published at this site: According to these data, eight states had election outcomes “cyber-flipped” from Trump to Biden: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. NO data on the charts at this web site document vote changes in Trump’s favor.

The data at this web site indicate cyber attacks occurred from November 3 through 6, 2020 at one or more locations in all fifty states, INCLUDING EVERY COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE IN IDAHO (the state where I live and voted in the 2020 General Election). The computer operator-generated[2] vote flipping was initiated at IP addresses from countries on six continents, including the following 59 nations: Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cameroon, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guinea, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Malta, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Rwanda, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Vietnam.

Let me give a specific example of how this cyber attack affected counties and towns throughout the U.S., including rural counties/towns that are not suspected to have had any “traditional” voter fraud. According to the web link, election interference occurred in Lemhi County, Idaho, on November 6, 2020 at 03:05:07 from a California IP address via an internet connection located at lat 37.3394 and long -121.895. The internet contact was made at the Lemhi County Clerk’s IP address ( located at lat 45.1792723 and log -113.9022494. This vote interference action reduced Trump’s tally by 194 votes and increased Biden’s tally by 194 votes, for a net vote difference in Biden’s favor of 388 votes. This represents 8 percent of the 4,624 votes cast in Lemhi County for Biden or Trump.

The Idaho Secretary of State lists the Lemhi County results as 1,032 for Biden (22%) and 3,592 for Trump (79%) ( The web site asserts the true Lemhi Countyresults are 838 for Biden (18%) and 3,786 for Trump (82%).

This scenario is repeated in all 50 states, where votes are added to Biden’s tally in varying amounts per county or town, ranging from 38 votes in Esmeralda County, Nevada to 171,310 votes in Maricopa County, Arizona.

No wonder so many election officials don’t want their General Election to be audited…

These data indicate a need for state legislatures to take immediate action:

(1) Extend the time federal election materials must be retained beyond the 22 months required by federal statute (only seven months remain to investigate and prosecute this fraud and seek redress).

(2) Freeze access to and use of election machines for future elections until all 2020 election data is retrieved and backed up, and the machines have a forensic audit. Possibly abandon machine use altogether (see #4).

(3) Initiate forensic audits of all counties’ 2020 General Elections to identify security breaches and similar vulnerability to electronic vote manipulation as well as other voting irregularities.

(4) Abandon use of election machines that can be connected to the internet, and conduct future elections using paper ballots and hand counts, with data reporting by landline telephone and signed fax (cell phones can have internet access!).

The Idaho cyber interference data raise many questions regarding Idaho’s and other states’ 2020 General Election

  • What “real time” results were officially reported by county or town clerks on November 2, 2020 at various times during Election DAY and from the time the polls closed at 8 p.m. until counting was completed? When were results reported in days after counting had ended and did those results differ from the tally at midnight on Election DAY? To which news sources and government officials were the results communicated?
  • How did cyber interference occur in Idaho’s counties that hand counted their ballots (i.e.., they don’t use tabulators)?
  • Did Latah and Teton counties in Idaho really hand Biden a “win,” or was Blaine County the only county in Idaho where Biden won that county? [Latah and Teton county data indicate election interference flipped the results for those two counties from Trump to Biden. Note that this interference occurred in a state where a Trump victory was certain anyway. This cyber attack required massive planning and coordination to affect all 50 states and flip entire states’ results from Trump to Biden.)
  • Why were cyber attacks done in reliably “red” states where a Biden victory was impossible (or in reliably “blue” states where a Biden win was certain)? Was it to boost Biden’s “win” and nation-wide vote tally to the greatest alleged support in history?
  • Why were vote tallies modified after November 2, 2020 at midnight (the Constitution provides for a uniform election DAY), including as late as November 6?
  • Why did counties have election data internet access “open” from November 3 through 6?
  • How did others gain access to the county and city clerks’ elections IP addresses and change results?
  • What security vulnerabilities are present statewide and locally to have allowed all 44 Idaho county clerks’ connections to be (presumably) hacked?
  • Why did all states’ cyber attacks stop on November 6?
  • Did any clerks or other election officials assist with the cyber attacks?
  • Did any cyber interference take votes from Biden and give them to Trump? Or were all cyber attacks to advance a Biden victory?
  • When did the county commissioners canvass the results and what data and records did they examine? Did they review actual ballots or just machine tally sheets?
  • Who organized the massive network of computer operators that hacked Idaho’s 44 county clerks’ election sites from IP addresses in four foreign countries (Australia, England, Greece, and Japan) and 14 U.S. states? Who controlled the cyber attack on the remaining states and Washington, D.C.? Were the computer operators at the various IP addresses U.S. citizens (either operating a computer in the U.S. or on a computer in a foreign country) or foreigners (located either in the U.S. or a foreign country)? Were the cyber attacks actually done from those locations or were the attacks somehow routed through those computers but initiated elsewhere?
  • How many foreign countries engaged in these cyber attacks? Were the attacks made with full knowledge of those nations’ governments or were the “hackers” acting as independent agents?
  • What voter fraud to advance a fraudulent Biden “win” occurred in various states in addition to and independent of the cyber attack vote flipping?
  • How did this cyber attack affect the results of the Electoral College and the Electoral College vote certification by Congress? What is the current remedy to rectify a fraudulent Presidential election? Note: One remedy existed on January 6, 2021; it was attempted by the sovereign states, but thwarted by the Vice President and Congress. Seven states sent dual slates of electors for consideration on January 6, 2021. Vice President Mike Pence should have remanded all of those dual slates back to the state legislatures for the states legislatures’ direction regarding the correct electors, rather than making the choice himself and unconstitutionally advancing the Biden/Harris slates to Congress.
  • Who were the computer operators at the “from” IP addresses and have they been prosecuted? Did multiple instances of interference occur from some IP addresses? (Note: Interference originated from Idaho in these fourteen elections: Gila County, Arizona; Santa Cruz County, California; Fayette County, Illinois; Adair County, Iowa; Gray County, Kansas; Hartland, Maine; Limington, Maine; Manchester, Maine; Owl’s Head, Maine; Cooper County, Missouri; Wichita County, Texas; Concord, Vermont; Fletcher, Vermont; and West Windsor, Vermont. The Idaho Attorney General should investigate this election interference cyber activity.)
  • Were any election results for U.S. Representatives and Senators compromised by cyber attacks? If so, what is the people’s recourse to vacate fraudulently occupied seats and install the lawful winners to Congress? Should all actions taken by fraudulently elected officials be nullified? Should they be prosecuted for taking the oath of office for a fraudulently obtained position?

Why hasn’t this cyber election interference been acted on by the Supreme Court (FBI, CIA, U.S. military, local and state prosecutors), the alleged Biden/Harris “win” nullified, And all perpetrators of this act of sedition prosecuted?

Surely the intelligence agencies knew about these cyber attacks and this is the biggest cover up in history.

Citizens need to take collective action to reverse this insurrection. Please look up the web link, find the data for your county or town, and publish the vote flipping results for your location in your local newspaper. Publically (via newspaper letters to the editor and/or public meetings) ask your county (or town) clerk and election certifying officials (e.g. county commissioners) for accountability (a forensic audit). Share this Gem State Patriot article link with lawfully registered voters you know from all over the United States and ask them to widely disseminate this information about the cyber attack that occurred from November 3-6, 2020 to change the outcome of our Presidential election.

Citizens can also ask their state attorney general to “join the suit” that describes the voter fraud in five states and petitions the Supreme Court for redress. Hopefully at least a few Attorneys General are loyal to our Republic and the defense of truth. Unfortunately, some Secretaries of State have sought to suppress the truth of voter fraud (see this article:

God is truth and His ways are just. We are called to be “one nation under God,” honor the Almighty, and act in His power to disclose the truth and seek justice.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

[1] Also see this whistleblower article: and this article:

[2] Computers only work if they are turned on by an operator and programmed to accomplish certain tasks. PEOPLE hacked our election (with the use of computers as a tool).

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2 replies on “Exposing the Real Insurrection”

Yahweh’s exclusive election authority (per Deuteronomy 17:15, etc.) was officially stolen when the constitutional framers replaced the Bible’s One-God/One-Vote election system with their One-Man/One-Vote election system.

One of the dumbest things the constitutional framers did was to usurp the Bible’s One-God/One-Vote election system, thereby turning election “discretion” over to We the People whom, according to Christ in Matthew 7:13, are in the broad way leading to *destruction.* Gee, what could go wrong?

Add to that Article 6’s Christian test ban by which mandatory biblical qualifications (such as, Exodus 18:21) were eliminated and you have the perfect recipe disaster, which is exactly where America finds herself today, precipitously teetering on the precipice of moral depravity and *destruction.”

The best you can get from the Constitutional Republic’s election system (fraught with election fraud from its inception) is the lesser of two evils. Sometimes, the worst of the worst. And always, the evil of two lessers. This juxtaposed with the Bible’s election system whereby you end up with the best of the best of two or more biblically qualified candidates every single time.

For more, see blog article “Constitutional Elections: Dining at the ‘Devil’s Table,'” at

For how the Bible’s election system operates, see blog article “Salvation by Election” at Don’t be fooled by the title.

For more regarding Article 6’s Christian test ban, see Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

Evalyn, excellent essay.

We need at least two important things to happen in order to get the proven election fraud stopped.

1. Wake the public up from their obvious stupor.

2. Get people to turn off the TV and to read.

These are two major problems with the USA and particularly here in Idaho.

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