Expose’ On Media Lies and Deception — Part 3 of 3

Tangled Webs: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, the Internet Giveaway, and the Wild, Wild West of Information


The last of the big three masters of manipulation (63) is Google, and they are arguably the biggest of the bunch. Google CEO Eric Schmidt (64) is about as open with his liberal bias as one could ever be. The Bilderberg attendee bankrolled a startup company called “The Groundwork” (65) to provide technical experts Hillary Clinton (66) needed to run her campaign. Schmidt was instrumental in getting Barack Obama elected both times as he was the main supplier of technical experts for all three campaigns.

Technology (67) is right up Schmidt’s alley as Google is the defacto gateway to information. Google averages some 40,000 search queries every second equaling over 3.5 billion searches (68) per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Google conducts over 64% of all internet searches (69) in the US and over 90% in some countries. Google has indexed some 45 billion web pages while Bing, its closest competitor has only 14 billion.

Of course the 45 billion web pages are only part of the Schmidt plan to control (70) everything on earth. Schmidt has stated that privacy is an excuse to hide wrongdoing: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” (71)

In his plan to deprive you of your privacy, Schmidt has employed some of the world’s top technocrats to find ever more powerful ways to pry into every corner of your life since Google’s business is, literally, mass surveillance, (72) and they have become amazingly good at it.

They are also a contractor to the US Government, including the NSA and several military contractors as well. When Edward Snowden revealed to the world the unimaginable world of government spying on US citizens, he also revealed that the NSA (73) has direct access to the information stored on Google’s computers as they do to Facebook, Twitter, Bing and every other company storing online information on you.

In a US News and World Report article published on 6/22/16, contributor Robert Epstein (74) wrote an extremely troubling article on just how powerful Google is. According to Epstein “When Google’s employees or algorithms decide to block our access to information about a news item, political candidate or business, it causes opinions and votes to shift, reputations to be ruined and businesses to crash and burn. Because online censorship is entirely unregulated at the moment, victims have little or no recourse when they have been harmed.”

Google Redefines “Evil” to Exclude All Actions by Google

Epstein then exposes blacklists that Google wields like Jack the Ripper did his knives with the first being the autocomplete blacklist. This one is simple enough; it quietly guides the searcher to where the company wants you to go. From directing away from negative articles on Hillary Clinton to pointing to negative articles on Donald Trump, there is little doubt that Google had a large impact on the recent US election. In any search you make, the algorithm is your spiritual guide.

Google maps is a stalker’s dream showing just about every house and area in the US and huge sections of the world. They did not ask for permission to film your house, they just did it. Military installations and a few other places are excluded but chances are, your house is there.

Google’s You Tube blacklist allows users to tag certain clips as inappropriate and Google’s censors may or may not remove them. However, You Tube is notorious for removing politically and morally conservative videos on a regular basis while never doing the same to liberal videos. They are also willing to work with foreign governments to determine which videos will be allowed to be shown in the country.

The Google account blacklist can cut people’s access to their own email account as well as You Tube and other Google products without any notice or recourse.

The Google News blacklist is insidious in every way. They are the biggest news aggregator on the planet, tracking tens of thousands of news sources daily and converting them to numerous languages. They have been accused on numerous occasions of excluding conservative news feeds as well as certain writers and competing companies. This is an incredibly powerful and nearly unnoticeable tool to promote political, moral and/or religious agenda.

Google Adwords blacklist is how Google gets the lion’s share of its money (some $56 billion annually) by selling keywords to the highest bidders. These keywords are how the website is found by searchers so if your site does not have them, you are going to sink. On numerous occasions, Google has simply deleted those keywords on sites effectively making them invisible and financially crushing them.

The search engine blacklist is a make or break situation for many web pages. Google, for many unknown reasons will push web page down the list of rankings effectively ruining many businesses in a very short time.

The power to “blacklist” a site is Google’s most dreaded weapon however. Google claims this power is to keep the internet free from malicious malware which, they claim is a public service. The problems with this argument are many however. Google’s crawlers often make mistakes, blacklisting websites that do not contain malware.

Because of how extensively Google crawls the web, all the other main search engines use their “blacklist” which means that once on the list, the site is effectively cut off from public access. Google has used this power on numerous occasions on people they do not like. Google even profits from this arrangement as they collect information from every user that accesses Google’s results and then sells it. Google has, for all intents and purposes, become the internet police man and they use this power to further their globalist agenda on a regular basis and it is now supporting the same list of “fake” news sites that the British Independent and Facebook are touting.

Google, Microsoft and Facebook (75) have all three censored users on the behest of world governments and all three have consistently censored users for no apparent reason. They, along with Twitter (another social media monster) sided with Obama to give away America’s right the control the internet.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” — Voltaire

Tragically, the US now finds every purveyor of media has been compromised and censored by those with globalist views. Once ICANN loses its independence to the UN, the corporatist/governmental takeover will be complete.

Controlling access to information is every tyrant’s (76) dream and our government is no different. The main stream media did a masterful job of concealing the 2008 economic meltdown from the masses just like they have the corruption of Hillary Clinton; the imploding Deutsche Bank; the growing threat of nuclear war with Russia; the threat of an EMP from North Korea and now the escalating violence of the Clinton supporters after the election of Donald Trump. It was only the access of the people to alternative news sites that alerted and continue to alert those willing to listen to truth that news of these events get out at all.

Post-election America is now a powder keg awaiting a spark. The Green Party candidate for President, Jill Stein, started a fund to recount the votes in three states in hopes of overturning the election of Donald Trump and now Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (77) has joined her in what is only going to create a greater rift in our already shredded national tapestry. This is only a part of the drama as now; the Washington Post (78) has publically called the Drudge Report, (79) Zero Hedge and former Congressman Ron Paul (80) agents of Russian Propaganda. As if on cue, the call has come from numerous governments on the spread of “hate speech” in the US and the call to regulate it. (81) Which Mark Zukerberg (82) is only too happy to oblige as he outlined a seven point plan to help stop the “spread” of “fake news” (83) on Facebook. So convincing is this “fake news” that it fools most students a new “study” (84) finds which of course means that our very Ministry of Truth (85) will need to decipher it for us. In fact, the media is now calling on the FBI to investigate the “fake news” (86) without a shred of evidence to support them.

With a growing population of closed minded bigots unwilling to even listen to opposing opinions or facts, the US is slowly returning to the Dark Ages with only a few sources controlling access to information. Freedom loving people everywhere should all be asking themselves why this particular time was chosen for Obama to open the door for the UN takeover of an already censored internet. It is past time to look into a ham radio and other forms of communication that cannot be controlled by the elites. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have an excellent source for information called the “Radio Free Redoubt.” (87) Time is of the essence as the days of the open internet are coming to a rapid close.

“Hell is truth seen too late.”Thomas Hobbes – Leviathan



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