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Enough is Enough

We are on the same page. Yesterday I was on the phone with my senator’s office and congresswoman’s office asking where my values were being represented. My message was/is we are bringing a knife to a gunfight and losing the country. First, we elect gentlemen like Dole, McCain, and Romney who all take the high road and don’t bite back or bite first. Biden could care less about the 75 million who voted against him or our values.

My representatives listen to Biden say white supremacy is our biggest threat and let him say it. They let Biden call me privileged and a racist. Listen to a ranking general promote critical race theory in the military and say or do nothing. Listen to him talk about fair shares while half the country pays no taxes and let him say it. Listen to Obama say at some point you have made enough money and have enough house and let him say it. Watch them legitimize and promote the communist organization BLM and say nothing. Watch an avowed socialist/communist Bernie Sanders head the senate budget committee and do nothing. Watch aliens race over our border unvetted and unvaccinated with open arms denying there is a crisis and say nothing and do nothing. Watch our schools crumble with lack of school choice and lower standards for advancement and say nothing. Watch them take the president off of social media platforms and say nothing. Watch them use woke pronouns in congress and say nothing. Watch them give my money away to foreign organizations so they can go to a Louis the 14th palace and shake hands with other big shots and come home to a Georgetown cocktail party get slapped on the back by a minion looking to move up and our representatives say nothing. Watch them pick a vice president based on gender and race rather than qualifications and say nothing.

The flip side would be at least promoting our values and common sense ideals of limited government, reasonable taxes, and regulations but they say nothing. Promote our meritocracy, our free markets, and our history. Promote our founders and their enlightenment principles. We do not even have the thinkers of the conservative-libertarian ideals around anymore. Friedman dead. Buckley dead. Goldwater dead. Reagan dead. Williams dead. Sowell retired. Von Mises, Hayek, and Rand dead. 

I could and should go on but won’t. These people have walked in here and informed us all they were going to fundamentally transform our country and our representatives say nothing. We are in a war and only a few of us know it. They started it and they are in it with both feet while we take the high road. And I am beginning to think our elected reps are part of the problem. Any left-of-center democrat acquaintance of mine is told he/she is a problem as well. They may be reasonable but the people they vote into office are radicals making them culpable. 

I am done for the day!