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Dubious Transgender Science

The word transgender has been used inappropriately as a substitute for the word “Gender Dysphoria.” There is an increasing number of children and adults who desire to present themselves as members of the opposite sex. THIS IS NOT NEW. Since the time of Fraud child psychologists have recognized the transient nature of young children—ranging in age from 4yrs old into adulthood, identifying with phenotypically different characteristics of the opposite sex. THIS IS NOT NEW. This is not physiologic. There is also a difference between Gender Dysphoria (formerly known as Gender Identity Disorder), and intersex pathologies that have a physiologic (genetic and biochemical—and or hormonal) etiology.

In trying to answer these complex questions modern day ethicists, apologists and ethicists, and scientists fail to realize the limitations of their own disciplines. The recent pandemic and the arguments about Global warning have proven that experts are only experts when they stay within their own disciplines. Part of the problem today is that many scientists have lost touch with their roots in theology and philosophy even as there is a revolution amongst the hard sciences—physics and chemistry, in revisiting their history and using it to help them proceed in answering their own inquiries into natures laws and majesty. The relationship between faith and reason is real. They reinforce the validity of each other. They are both required to answer life’s questions, and they complement and don’t refute each other. The relationship between faith and science was an important lesson discussed by St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica, that served as the predicate for the birth of science in the Western World. Galileo, Copernicus ,Kepler, and Blasé Pascual all were intellectual disciples of Thomas. “There is an order to the universe and there is a great Orderer”. Faith and reason were married, and the scientific age and the Enlightenment were its’ offspring.

The Catholic Catechism informs us that man and woman were created in His image. Every man, woman and child should accept their own God created self. There are differences between men and women—referred to by the church as physical, moral, and spiritual differences. Most importantly they are complimentary and have a purpose. They are directed to family and community through marriage and vocation.

Pope Benedict stated that people dispute the idea that they have a nature—physical (body) and spiritual (soul), given to them by their Creator. This “Nature serves as the defining elements of their humanness. They deny their nature deciding that it is not something given to them, but they make it for themselves. This is the very definition of making oneself their own God. Are we coming into a new age of “Nominalism”? The moral predicate does not exist in classic traditional Christian Theology or ethics, that condones a person to alter their own body to represent the opposite sex.

In 2013 The American Psychiatric Society (ASS) down classified Gender Identity Disorder to gender dysphoria. This down classification still acknowledges its’ psychiatric and not physiologic nature. Maleness and femaleness are based on biology (chromosomes, physiology, and chemistry) This is true for the very uncommon Sex Chromosomal Abnormalities (SCAs) like Klinefelter’s syndrome and Turners syndrome that occur between 1/1000-5000 live births—very few, but they are purposefully lumped into this discussion to support a false argument.

Sex assignment surgery is not emergency surgery, nor is pharmacological ablation or support emergent in nature.

Neither can sex assignment surgery be considered “elective” surgery in nature, because it removes normal tissue and organs and replaces them with non-autologous grafts or artificial implants. It is a perverse form of plastic surgery. One cannot change the DNA—genotype, of an individual, by trying to change the phenotype—outward appearance.

The American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) in several recent articles by Jack Turban, has been repeatedly refuted in their assertion of the efficacy of transgender surgery. In a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Article by Dr. Julia Mason Md and Leor Sapir the subtitle included the words: DUBIOUS TRANSGENDER SCIENCE. They pointed out how the (AAP) has repeatedly ignored evidence from credible scientific sources in Scandinavia and Great Briton where there have been significant restrictions placed on the medical transition of minors.

In our country the scientific and ethical debate has been stifled by a political agenda from those on the progressive left. There is not a Christian moral or ethical argument that can be made supporting their positions, and now from Scandinavia and Great Briton the so-called scientific argument has been completely refuted.

The transgender and Pro Choice (Pro Abortion) positions and the disregard for the uniqueness of each individual person with a soul and body created by God, is consistent for their lack of respect for all of God’s creation. When we make ourselves our own gods, and we make up our own rules as we go along, the relationship between faith (revelation) and reason (science) becomes insignificant and maybe even irrelevant. You can’t have one without the other. If our early church Fathers didn’t believe that there was such a connection, there would have been no science and faith would have been relegated to superstition and delusion. The march from Athens and Jerusalem, through the Middle Ages, The Age of Science and Enlightenment, through the Industrial Revolution up to today had a predicate. WE would all do well to remember it. Even the “Experts”.

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