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Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

The latest hot debate in the Idaho legislature is whether to give “illegal immigrants” driver’s licenses or not. Recently on-air Kevin Miller asked me about my thoughts on the topic, given the circumstances a partial answer was all I gave. My full answer on this topic is much different from both the Democrats and Republicans. 

You see, I don’t believe the state has authority to restrict people from traveling, “illegal immigrant” or not. The state should not be fining or arresting anyone for traveling in a public right away without a license. Remember, it was the Nazis that would pull people aside at any time and demand, “show me your papers”. If the person did not have sufficient state papers the German police would arrest and hall them off to jail. 

Traveling is an unalienable right and no person has the authority to restrict others in travel, except in defense of his own rights. So, no man or woman should be required to have a license from the state to travel. In that mind, the same goes for trading with each other, including employment. A man or woman should not be required to get permission from the state to trade, work or travel. These are fundamental rights granted from God to survive here on earth and the state has no authority to restrict them. 

Now if you’re freaking out about the thought of allowing anyone to travel, be in business or work without a license from the state, then you may be a Republican. You could also very well be a Democrat. But most likely you are a Nationalist (someone who puts state authority over individual rights). What you are not, however, is an informed God fearing Conservative or someone who believes in freedom and the true intent of the Constitution (something most establishment Democrats and Republicans try to appear to be). 

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Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible to be a registered Republican or Democrat and still believe in freedom. But if you’re saying to yourself, “the state must require licenses to keep society safe and in order” or telling yourself, “if we don’t stop these “illegal immigrants” we are going to lose our country”, or convincing yourself that, “we need more police to keep us safe”, then you may need to rethink your loyalties (God v. the state). You also may want to contemplate how you came to believe these things. Believe me, I understand, we have all been propagandized to such a level that almost everyone believes more state control is needed to keep us safe, prosperous and free. But this thinking should be challenged with truth and facts.

Personally, I don’t believe the political rhetoric of the left or the right anymore, especially when it comes to immigration. The Democrats profess to be the compassionate ones. “Let them all in so we can take care of them, it’s the human thing to do” they say. When in reality it’s about making immigrants dependent on the state, knowing that people who are not self-sufficient are more likely to support a socialist agenda, bringing the Demarcates more power. Meanwhile, the Republicans are pounding their first saying, “We are a nation of laws and these people are breaking the law by living here”. When truth be known, the Republicans are just mad that the Democrats are better at exploiting immigrants than they are. 

The Republicans are much like Christians who scream about the Muslim taking over their country rather than getting busy with missionary work to reach every Muslim moving in, teaching them that Christ is the only way to satisfy both justice and mercy. That He is the way, the truth, and life. Instead, they want the state to stop Muslims from coming into the county and freely worshiping. Any good Christian should be enthused about Muslims flooding into their communities so they can be good examples of Christianity and convince them of the errors in the Muslim doctrine and customs. But most Christian’s like Republicans have joined the faithless in using the state to force their way upon others. They have also fallen into error believing that the state is the proper means to control good and evil. 

If Republicans really wanted to effect this country for good they would stop bickering with the Democrats about how to use the state to force people to the live the way they want them to and instead remove laws restricting freedom (property tax, building codes, etc…) while convincing immigrants and others that the answers to a prosperous, free and safe people is not found in state handouts or it’s statutes. That state force should only be used to protect individual rights. State welfare (including subsidies) are not charity but theft, and anyone benefiting from them is worse than a child of a robber. Their food and comforts come by the act of forcefully taking what belongs to someone else, or in other words robbery. 

If the Idaho Legislature wants to solve our state’s immigration challenges, along with most of the other issues in this state, then they would end the government welfare programs completely! So, let’s stop this ridiculous talk about whether to give “illegal immigrant” driver’s licenses or not. What a joke! They’re going to drive with or without a driver’s license. They have many ways to get a fake driver’s license if they want to. Most don’t vote and don’t care to, that’s a scare tactic of Republicans. End state welfare programs to both immigrants and everyone else and the only people living here would be those who work for their living. Our good laws will take care of criminals no matter who they are and nearly 40% of Idaho’s state budget would remain in the people’s pockets rather than being gobbled up and wasted by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Idaho’s golden calf. 

Every state challenge to immigration is solved by ending state handouts. Every true effort to solve our immigration challenge must begin with ending state welfare! Issuing driver’s licenses to “illegal immigrants” will not make Idahoans’ circumstances any worse or any better. 

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6 replies on “Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants”

Individuals who are here legally and not citizens should have the ability to work. A driver’s license that could never be used as a credential to vote—different color, different bar code, different shape etc. could make sure that doesn’t happen. They need to document their insurance either self-pay or paid by their employer. If working they need to have health insurance paid for by their employer and be enrolled in workingmen’s comp. Any other scenario and they are bonded or indentured to their employers—-and are not “free” but dependent on the state or their employer. If they become injured and don’t have coverage their employer should pay all the costs and be responsible for liabilities—and be fined for not covering them. Otherwise, the labor costs—that includes protection are shifted to the welfare state—taxpayers. If they are not here legally, they should not have a driver’s license.

If they are only going to use the vehicle on private property, they don’t need a license—the way most of us learned to drive. If they are going to drive on roads paid for by the State, the state has a responsibility to everyone driving on those roads to make sure other people using them are safe—hence the need for a license. Since the roads are part mine–my taxes helped pay for them, I have the expectation that the people driving on them are credentialed. If the State provides the credential, it is called a license. If it is provided by a private entity, it can be called a certification. Either way, the privilege of driving on a road paid for by taxpayers is a perfectly legitimate requirement for use.

If all the roads were private roads, then the need for the credential to drive would be up to the owner of the road.

Exactly how a communist thinks. The State is God. We get our privileges from our Gods that call themselves ‘government’. Govern equals control; ment equals mind. Government is mind control. Government is brainwashing. Government is Satanic devil worshipping! A religion!
They have you brainwashed to the nth degree.

Tell you what, Anticriminals: finish middle school and learn to drive, then come back here and we can have an intelligent, informed conversation.

Dude. I voted for you, so you owe me an answer: should a random 3-year-old be handed a loaded .32 cal. revolver?
Yes? Why? It’s not technically illegal, right? Go for it!
If no, explain.
Now explain why you shouldn’t put him behind the wheel of a 2010 Crown Victoria.
Ok, well a 7 year old then. 10? At what age can you just toss the keys to a kid to roll down to Maverik for a six pack and some camels?
Unfettered means unfettered. If you trust illegal six-pack Joe to share the road with you then why not the three-year-old? With his .32 snub nose and his bottle of Jack.
Anarchy doesn’t work, Ammon. Counterpoint?

This is a pointless hypothetical since actual citizens need a license to drive. Making the argument that we should give illegals a license because in a free nation no one would have to have a license is missing the point. And look to California to see how the “driver’s license to voter registration” pipeline works. Anything that encourages illegal immigration is a mistake.

One reason California is now a third-world cesspool has to do with the farmers there who demanded more and more cheap labor from across the border for decades. This resulted in massive demographic change in the state and the resulting change from a red state to a blue one politically. This is going to happen in Idaho if not stopped.

Victor David Hanson has long documented the dystopic transformation of his family farming community in California. His stories of constant harassment, trash dumping, break-ins, etc, are heart-wrenching. It didn’t have to be this way. The desire for cheap labor has destroyed the Golden State.

It just boggles the mind to see Idaho farmers and ranchers going down the same path as California.

Greed has reared it’s ugly head in Idaho which will eventually destroy conservatism in this state. Time to look for more conservative pastures the question is where to find them.

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