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Dr. Jim Brook on practicing medicine the old fashioned way instead of Medicaid expansion

A must-watch Video: Dr. Jim Brook has been practicing family medicine for 13 years and his approach to medical care is a change from what we now have available to us with Obamacare in force. He does not accept any insurance, Medicaid or Medicare for payment of his fees however; his fees are low enough for even the lower income level patients to pay him for his service. His average cost is $60.00 per visit including medications and lab work as he charges for his time. He services the Idaho Falls area and treats about 1,500 to 2,000 patients on an annual basis.

If we had 20 doctors like him, we could solve our Medicaid expansion problem, and he has told the legislative committee on Medicaid Expansion he would be willing to help train these doctors. Why aren’t our legislators interested in implementing a plan like this throughout Idaho to care for those in the Medicaid Gap? Instead they would put our country further into debt by taking another billion plus dollars from the federal government.

If you want to know more get his book “The High Price of Socialized Medicine” available on Amazon.

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