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Dr. Butch Otter OK’s Gaming Machines but not CBD Oil

It appears that Dr. Butch knows best when it comes to reinstalling gaming machines at the racetrack to take care of his crony supporters, but when it comes to helping those who are suffering from epilepsy and other autoimmune diseases by approving the use of CBD oil, he tells them to go fly a kite. He believes the outcomes of patients using the oil are more speculative than scientific and that there were too many questions posed by the bill to allow it to become law. Thanks for your not so astute opinion Dr. Butch. You have to wonder how much in campaign contributions Dr. Otter has received from medical associations and big pharma to keep CBD oil out of Idaho.

We just received an update on the legislature from our good friend Rep. Karey Hanks who alerted us to a talk that Erik Nelson gave to the Agriculture committee on CBD oil and Hemp. Listen to his testimony HERE. Evidently, Erik has done extensive research on the benefits of hemp and while it is related to Marijuana, CBD and Hemp contain less than .03% of THC which is the mind altering chemical sought after by recreational users.

It appears on the face of it that one of the primary reasons Idaho has not allowed CBD oil for medicinal purposes is something in Idaho Code called Title 37, but we know it is really the lobbyists that are keeping it out of our state. According to our own Attorney General, Hemp is marijuana under this code and is therefore illegal. We think the Attorney General may have been testing some of the wacky weed to see if it really does make you hallucinate.

Can you believe that because of this Title 37 in Idaho code over 1,500 Idaho citizens are suffering from epilepsy and other autoimmune diseases that could be helped if this oil were legalized. This is what drives the citizens of Idaho crazy, our legislature can find a way to enact 1,000 to 1,500 pages of regulations each session but can’t take the time to examine this problem in Idaho code to help those who are suffering from afflictions which could be helped with the use of CBD oil.

Under this code, and according to our own Attorney General, hemp is marijuana, and illegal. Let me tell you folks, Hemp is no more marijuana than Butch Otter is a Doctor and Lawrence Wasden is his nurse. If hemp is considered marijuana it means that stores all over Idaho that are selling hemp foods, hemp flour, hemp oil, hemp seeds—all these stores, otherwise compliant with federal law, are guilty under this code of felony trafficking of marijuana products. Will someone wake up our Governor and Attorney general from the deep sleep they are in and let them know Hemp is not marijuana?

Perhaps the Gov. should try some of the wacky weed to alleviate the clog in his brain so he could see that there is absolutely no reason to keep CBD oil out of Idaho when it could be helping so many of our citizens. Come on Gov, give the people a break you aren’t going to run for office again anyway and even if you did you wouldn’t have a chance of winning with your record.

Let’s all call the Governor and the Attorney General and let them know that were tired of having our children, friends, and relatives deal with the pain of diseases that can be controlled by a harmless oil and tell them we want CBD oil to be permitted in Idaho.

You can call Dr. Butch at 208-334-2100 and Nurse Wasden at 208-334-2400 call now and let them know you want CBD oil permitted in Idaho for medicinal purposes.

“We Get the Government We Deserve.” We didn’t deserve Otter for a third term.