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Don’t Blame Me

It looks like Chicken Little who is pretending to be Idaho’s governor is trying to figure out how he can clear himself and his administration of all liability for the blunders he has made during this emergency he has declared. He has finally realized what so many attorneys have been talking about for the past 3 months in the midst of the turmoil caused by this virus. Little declared this emergency for 30 days than renewed it for another 30 and now we are going to see rolling 30-day renewals, but what he didn’t realize is that this is not how the law reads.

Furthermore, he has taken it upon himself and his advisors to decide which of Idaho’s businesses will live and which ones will die by deciding who is essential and who is non-essential. King Little has made his proclamation’s and must now think about what the consequences will be when class action suits are filed against him and the state for losses incurred by businesses that he required to close.

More than 1,300 state and federal lawsuits have been filed over COVID-19, including 240 dealing with civil rights as of May 27th 2020, according to Hunton Andrews Kurth, a law firm tracking the cases. The eventual rulings could redefine the balance between state police powers and constitutional rights that advocates contend are too important to sacrifice even temporarily. We have suits of all kinds from time-sensitive abortions, prohibited gun sakes, church closings, isolating people along with wearing masks and closing non-essential businesses. The courts are going to be filled with these cases for years as we see governors of many states including Idaho taking advantage of this opportunity to wheel and deal in any way they want to. In our case here in Idaho it is IACI who is calling the shots and advising Chicken Little but you can be sure that they have taken care of their own and you’re not seeing any of their businesses being tagged non-essential.

We have already seen many wrongful death lawsuits filed against employers and nursing homes and the line is getting longer by the day. Businesses closed by the virus have launched a bevy of lawsuits to force insurers to pay for losses. These insurers could be on the hook for losses that could exceed $300 billion a month. So if businesses can’t collect from the insurers who is next on the list? We think the governors and the states that ordered the closings by making arbitrary decisions as to what businesses were essential and which were non-essential will be the next ones attacked with these suits. Why do you think that the governor has called a special session of the legislature for the end of August? His actions have caused untold losses to so many businesses that there is no way of know how much has been lost or how many will pursue this road to recovery.

We are living in extraordinary times and our elected officials have been ill-equipped to handle the problems that have been caused by this virus. Little has said he will not accept any language in any bills that he does not approve so you can see that IACI is leading the orchestra and Little is playing first fiddle. There was no reason to close down the counties that were not affected by this virus with any severity. Little made some bad choices and is now trying to distance himself from them by handing over control to the various Health Districts who are unelected officials. This is his idea of being responsible as he runs as fast as he can for the door so as to not kill his chances of a second term to screw the people of Idaho for 4 more years.

Little has proven that he is not a conservative on many occasions and this is just one more of those times. He has never been a leader except when it comes to doing the bidding of his elite cronies at IACI. Our governor has been handed $2 billion in federal funds to deal with this virus and so far he has used only his crony friends as advisors in deciding how it will be distributed while our legislature remains locked out of any input in this matter. Little has struck gold and he is mining it for his buddies while the citizens of Idaho get the preverbal shaft. The citizens of Idaho have no representation in government as they cannot even have a say as to what legislation they can pass in the reconvened session at the end of August. Little wants them to protect him and the state from any liability he might have been a part of during this crisis by enacting legislation that will exonerate him and the state. It’s time that this man faced the music he has been playing for the past 2 years. The legislature needs to be reconvened but not under the conditions that they must adhere to the instructions of Governor Little; otherwise, why do we even have 3 branches of government? Why not just make Little Dictator of Idaho? Sign the petition to RECALL Governor Little.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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We truly have the Government We Deserve…
Over a decade ago Citizens for Annexation Reform presented legislative corruption & conflict of interest evidence to leadership of all of Idaho’s Tea Party type civic organizations. The evidence was sufficient to remove those involved & set an expample to prevent continued corruption within our local & state governments.

legislative records & actions showed that taxpayer dollars were being used via widespread Forced Annexation Takings initiated by developers. Forced Annexations allows the development industry to avoid appropriate Impact Fees & trample on individual property rights & pass the high costs of Infrastructure costs via Impact Fees for streets, schools, police, roads, sewers, police, etc on to taxpayers.
Idaho’s powerful Lobbying Cartel of real estate & construction industries controls Idaho politics.
Forced Annexations continues to be used to enable taxation without representation & confiscate property rights statewide. Forced Annexation is a trillion dollar corruption enterprise that being used to against taxpayers in several other states as well.
Idaho’s decade long legislative & court battles led by Citizens For Annexation Reform was well publicized, it failed due to a lack unity. leaders of all of our State’s so-called reform groups stated that presenting the evidence necessary to remove our corrupt public servants exceeded their personal comfort zones.
America’s Founding Fathers provided Citizens with Oath of Office Contracts as a lawful & peaceful means to promptly fire rogue public Servants. Decision time is upon us …
-Just a few years ago Idaho’s citizens overwhelmingly passed term-limits & our legislators rebelled & overturned our vote. Why were they not immediately fired ?
-There is a recall to replace rino Gov. Little, who would replace him that is trustworthy ?
-Just prior to Gov. Otter’s re-election he severed citizen’s access to public records without a court order, why was he not held accountable for this criminal action ?

Second amendment rights are of little use to citizens who lack the moral backbone to fulfill their civic & constitutional obligation to ‘peacefully’ remove public servants who have violated their oath of office employment contacts.
President Trump is America’s first president in my 78 year lifetime that has shown the courage to clean-up our political sewers.
Will this generation have the patriotic backbone necessary to help Trump bail-us out of the political swamp & leftist Marxist overthrow that decades of whining & apathy created ????

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