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Do Not Let Violence Become the Norm: Make HB71 Idaho Law

Violent activists entered the capitol building — vandalizing public facilities, threatening legislators, assaulting law enforcement, and interrupting official proceedings.

Some readers might be thinking of January 6, 2021. But the sentence above actually describes events that took place this week, at the statehouse in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Radical leftists, some wearing satanic garb, stormed the Tennessee legislative chambers in an attempt to push for gun control and intimidate and punish legislators who voted to prohibit medically-risky and scientifically dubious practices performed on minor children.

Republicans in Tennessee overwhelmingly voted for House Bill 1, a bill that bans doctors, hospital networks, and Big Pharma from targeting children with irreversible pharmaceutical and surgical interventions.

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Shortly after Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed House Bill 1 into law, radical transexualists threatened violence against any and all who oppose efforts to deny biological reality. They made good on those threats this week when a mentally-unwell transexualist attacked a Christian elementary school, murdering children and school officials.

The shooting and the scenes of violence being broadcast from the Tennessee State House are meant to terrify everyday citizens and strong arm elected leaders not just in Nashville but throughout the country. Their violence, like scenes one would expect in countries like Iran or Venezuela, is an attempt to force people of faith and any one else who dissents from the transexualist agenda to get in line with that radical movement.

Following Tennessee’s lead, Idaho now has an opportunity to enact protections for children and prohibit medical experiments. House Bill 71 would ensure that Idaho’s children are free from a dangerous ideology that leads to higher rates of suicidal ideation, irreversible physical disabilities, and lifelong drug dependencies.

Idaho’s hardworking men and women, the moms and dads that make our neighborhoods the envy of America, have consistently voiced their support for laws that protect children and ensure that valuable (and limited) medical resources are governed by responsible and safe protocols — rather than pseudoscience or ideology. 

For decades, gender dysphoria, a mental health condition that impacts a fraction of all minors, has been successfully treated through psychological therapy. This was the gold standard for treatment until radical activists pushed for a wholesale change.

House Bill 71 is a prudent measure that ensures Idaho’s children are not subjected to untested and dangerous medical procedures. House Bill 71 is now on Governor Little’s desk. It should be the hope and prayer of every Idaho citizen that Governor Little follows the example of Tennessee’s courageous Republican Governor Lee and signs this bill into law.

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