Destruction of Western Civilization – Depopulation

Hello! Today I’m continuing our discussion of Western civilization, how it met its demise, and what that means for us today. To do that, we’re going to be talking about one of the primary weapons used by those who seek Western civilization’s destruction. That weapon is depopulation. It is evident to me that there is a conscious effort to control the human population by means of cultural and biological changes. Those changes are being applied primarily in Western nations, although it is possible that the cultural changes are simply more effective there. This is not a new phenomenon, although its effects are becoming too obvious for us to ignore. The people who seek to kill us, to see our bloodlines die out from the earth, normally use the brute force of government to accomplish their schemes. I recommend R.J. Rummel’s great book published in 1994, Death By Government. That book is a real eye opener. Mr. Rummel has chapters devoted to those regimes that killed more than 10 million people, of which there are three. The Soviet Union is the all-time leader with 61 million. Communist China and Nazi Germany round out the list. He also has chapters for those regimes that have killed between one and ten million people, of which there are many. The point is that governments have killed a lot of people, by Mr. Rummel’s account.

Governments are not the only ones who kill with such abandon, as we will see as our discussion goes on. In most cases, those private individuals who seek to reduce, or, in another way, kill all the world’s population, need the sanction of government to accomplish their objectives. Those who live in Western nations are to a large degree on board with the depopulation of the general populations. They have been enlisted in the struggle and indoctrinated in these tenants since childhood. From early childhood we have been bombarded with messages suggesting that overpopulation is a real problem that needs to be addressed; that the environment is very fragile and will be destroyed unless we take steps to reduce our childbearing capability; that abortion is a choice and a right, instead of the deliberate killing of a live human being. The birth rate in Western societies has virtually collapsed, to the point where most nations are not replacing their own populations. Non-western China became so alarmed, they lifted their decades-old one child policy. Their population is aging. There are not enough young workers to carry the load of their retirement.

Cultural changes, especially in the West, point to a devaluing of that most important job: Caretaker of the next generation. Yes, motherhood is fast losing its appeal, its value, to Western women. Feminism, careerism and many other cultural “isms” have replaced motherhood as the highest value. Women are psychologically conditioned from an early age to be ashamed of the title. I’m just a mom. Just a mom. A “stay at home mom” is about the lowest value you can put on a woman today. Pursuing virtually worthless degrees to obtain a sterile, low-paying, day-in job, while being saddled with a lifetime of debt to pay for it. That is far more attractive to the average woman than the role of “stay-at-home mom.” So go to work! Go to work and make money for the corporations! Being a producer of corporate profits is far more important than being a producer and caretaker of the next generation. We have all been given alternatives to living in traditional nuclear families, so now we have atheism, Nihilism, materialism, consumerism, and the like. Perhaps we would fit into the new world better if we were all homosexual or transsexual, but neither can result in the creation of life; thus they are part of the depopulation agenda.

Governments create conditions that make migration necessary or desirable. Then they import massive numbers of foreign immigrants into Western countries. These immigrants do not culturally assimilate. Often, they reject the host country’s culture. That’s all fine with our elite “betters” who know what’s best for us and for the world. They can have complete control over nations and enhance their own power, their own will more effectively, if confusion and chaos reign among us. Why build societies of stable American or European people who believe in individual rights and constitutional government, when a society without national culture or religious, racial, or even gender identity, can more easily be ruled by governmental organizations and transnational corporations? Meetings of the world’s elite talk quite openly now about the type of world they want to build, and about their population-control agendas. Bill Gates, for example, often listed as the world’s richest person, can be seen on a YouTube video talking about how one of his organizations that provides vaccines for children in Africa can be used to kill millions of people. Warren Buffet gave three billion dollars to his wife’s foundation, much of which is devoted to Planned Parenthood and other abortion-promoting organizations.

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The United Nations, of course has many organizations promoting anti-family, anti-population causes. Their Agenda 21 movement uses “sustainable development” as a cover for its worldwide depopulation, anti-family, anti-reproduction agenda. We can expect our futures to have a depopulation, anti-human slant to them as governments, especially the United States government, strengthen themselves more and more, and move further and further down the road to fascism. These things are usually promoted to us as “very good things.” The government will take over all our healthcare and provide for us, so long as we don’t mind a government deciding who lives and who dies. The government will protect us, so long as we don’t mind being disarmed and defenseless. The government will enslave us to death, to the materialistic, hedonistic, consumerism so that we all go into the workforce, or we all go on the government’s assistance programs.

There is no individualism left. Fathers are driven from their families, and homes, by this agenda. Many end up in prison. Children are raised by mothers or grandmothers who have to work and accept that the government is raising the next generation, or else they accept a meager existence on the government’s welfare rolls. This agenda could not be fulfilled with Western civilization intact, so it had to be destroyed. The Christian faith and churches were barriers, so they had to be discredited and weakened in the minds of the people. The elite have had our children eight hours a day for many, many years. Is it any wonder their agenda has worked so well? It sounds crazy, folks, but is it true? I submit that it’s all true. You can find the description of it in the Bible, in Romans, Chapter one, starting about verse 18 through the rest of the chapter.

Next time we will endeavor to continue this discussion about how the greatest civilization in the history of the world has been destroyed. Until then folks, this is Darrell Castle. Thanks for reading.


Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell’s weekly podcast at

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