P.T. Barnum Had Nothing on the Democrats’ Freak Show

The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus that I attended in my youth showcased acts like the freak show in which people with all sorts of bizarre physical features would attract millions of morbidly curious wide-eyed visitors.

But even Tom Thumb and the Siamese twins, the bearded lady and the dog-faced boy, and the head of Medusa that “turned men into stone” had nothing on the oddities of the 2018 circus that billed itself as the U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Committee’s Hearing to determine if Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s selection for the Supreme Court, is fit for that august position.

Those oddities, however, were not physical, but rather deformities of character, integrity, honor.

After an exhaustive interview process, a marathon of visiting members of Congress for personal interviews, and being investigated six times by the FBI for his position as U.S. Circuit Judge on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (and other lofty positions), the married father of two adorable young daughters seemed headed straight to take his place beside the president’s former pick, conservative jurist Neil Gorsuch.

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But wait! What is this slithering worm in the ointment?

It was the prospect of a majority of conservative justices on the highest court in the land eventually overturning their most cherished law—the “right” to kill in-utero embryos, fetuses, and babies… right up to the ninth month of pregnancy! And we all know how proud State Legislator Obama was about his legislation in Chicago that allowed doctors to snuff the lives out of living, breathing infants who survived the gruesome abortion procedure.

As far as the left is concerned, you can take military strength, low taxes, high employment (for blacks, Hispanics, women and youth), the genuine protection of our borders, equitable treaties between the U.S. and other countries, huge inroads in foreign policy, on and on and on, and throw them all in the garbage in comparison to the absolute Holy Grail of leftism: abortion.


The Democrats’ initial plan to quash the Kavanaugh nomination was to grill him so relentlessly and to examine his judicial decisions so microscopically that personal and professional flaws would be found to disqualify him for the job. It turned out, to their everlasting anguish, that he passed all the tests with flying colors and the only remaining procedure was a vote in the Senate which promised to be narrow but successful.

Then quite suddenly—literally out of the blue, it seemed—came a challenge to Judge Kavanaugh’s heretofore sterling reputation: an accusation from a female professor in California that when teenager Kavanaugh and his friend were 17 and drunk, he groped her 15-year-old self and her bathing-suit-clad body and put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream. Her report was a little sketchy—not sure of the date or venue—but quite sure of the perpetrator.

Where did this challenge come from? Why none other than the Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Senator Dianne Feinstein from California, who said that almost two months earlier she had received a letter from the aggrieved professor, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, but was asked to keep it secret.

Obviously, Sen. Feinstein or a member of her staff leaked the confidential letter to a member of the always-accommodating leftist media… and the race was on for all the Progressives to express their terminal outrage and demand—DEMAND!—to question the judge about this 36-year-old accusation.

Don’t ask these evolved politicians the color of their neckties two days ago or what they ate for dinner three nights ago, but trust them when they say that a memory from drunk teenagers almost 40 years ago is credible. Can’t make this up!

Better than the dog-faced boy!


RING ONE: Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the greatest show on earth. Watch the magic taking place in the center ring as the craven leftwing media elevate innuendo over truth, lies over objective reality, fantasy over rationality.

Yes, they have tried and utterly failed to destroy the Trump presidency since the day citizen Trump and his gorgeous wife Melania came down the escalator to announce his intentions to run for president. In fact, nothing the media have done, said, invented, distorted, fabricated and twisted has diminished the president’s blazing effectiveness and successes. The media bosses—aka media whores—are leftists and globalists at heart and have aided and abetted every effort to undermine the president and have paid their shills (anchors, reporters, commentators, et al) to do the same.

But watch as they continue to contort themselves into knots never before seen in the human species!

RING TWO: In the second of our three rings is the left’s newest darling, the 51-year-old woman, wife, mother, widely traveled jet-setter (who’s afraid to fly, she says), and aggrieved party. Observe the professor, Christine Blasey Ford, as she speaks in a widdie biddie, liddle three-year-old voice, implying, at least to me, that the accused predators of her teens must have been attracted to what was then goo goo gurgles that sounded like an 18-month-old widdle baby!

But wait! In all the media blather, why has no mention been made of what famed radio host Michael Savage has alleged, that Dr. Ford is deeply tied to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)?

“She just so happens to head up the CIA undergraduate internship program at Stanford University,” Savage reveals. And her brother Ralph, “used to work for the International Law Firm of Baker, Hostetler… the firm that created Fusion GPS,” the company that wrote the [phony] Russian “dossier” that was fraudulently used to try to destroy the Trump presidency.

Savage continues: “Baker Hostetler is located in the same building where the CIA operates three companies… all operated by Ralph Blasey II, the father of Christine. Also that Christine’s Grandfather was Nicholas Deak—former CIA Director William Casey acknowledged Deak’s decades of service to the CIA.”

For that matter, why have the media not investigated or brought to public awareness Professor Ford’s extensive writings on—ta da—abortion? According to Mary L. Davenport, M.D., Dr. Ford “has 21 articles listed in PubMed… six of them are on Mifepristone, the abortion pill.”

Mmmm… CIA connections, a fetish with abortions. Nothing to see here. After all, she was “credible.” Really? Does that mean she was able to read her answers without drooling? Refer to her hippocampus without laughing out loud?¬†

But the question remains: what don’t we know about her background? What notes did her therapist take that have not been publicly revealed? Does she have borderline personality disorder? Is she a sociopath, the type who can look directly in your eyes and lie through her teeth or pass any number of lie detector tests without blinking an eye?

Will the FBI investigation this week include those therapist’s notes and more in-depth information about the professor who can’t seem to remember where or when the groping incident took place and cannot explain why the people she claims were present during the incident all deny being there and, in one case, knowing her!

RING THREE: In the third ring of our three-ring circus is ranking Judiciary Committee member Senator Dianne Feinstein, the arch manipulator of the hearings. After the judge presented an airtight explanation of his whereabouts on the evening in question, even providing a decades-old calendar proving he was nowhere near the teenage get-together, Sen. Feinstein, writer Roger Simon reports, “was up to her old tricks… reading a litany of recent accusations against Kavanaugh so ludicrous even the New York Times wouldn’t print them.

As Monica Showalter spells out, about Sen. Feinstein’s decision to sit on Dr. Ford’s letter for 60 days: “Sen. Dianne Feinstein dropped herself to the bottom of the barrel as a political hack. Her performance, from start to finish, was a disgrace. It was so bad, so loathsome, even to the left, that it’s hard to think it won’t cost her Senate seat, where she is in a tight race this November… being challenged by a crazed far leftist of the worst Sacramento-swamp stripe. Couple it with her employment of that Chinese spy for 20 years and her defense of the Steele dossier, and an ugly Jurassic partisan hack picture emerges.”

And the inimitable Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), clearly directing his remarks to Sen. Feinstein, had this to say: “To the person who leaked Dr. Ford’s letter, to the person who breached Dr. Ford’s anonymity, and to the person who did not tell her she could have avoided this by testifying privately in her home in California, you know who you are. You should bow your head in shame, in my opinion, and you should hide your head in a bag every day for the rest of your natural life.”

Oh… and Sen. Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, has served the university of Palo Alto as a member of the University of California Board of Regents since 2002. Kinda ironic that this is where Christine Blasey Ford works!


Hard to know if D.C. is a magnet for political freaks or if the very business of politics itself produces them. Whatever… in 2018, there seem to be 20 circuses worth of these Democrat miscreants, pathological liars, career victims, and raving hypocrites.

They were all on display during the hearings, still saturated in Trump Derangement Syndrome, still entertaining the unicorn fantasy of a Blue Wave in November, still displaying all the character defects that led their role model Hillary to go down in ignominious defeat in November of 2016.

First is Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), whose obsessive, nearly psychotic hatred of President Trump—much like that of his fellow Arizonan, the late John McCain—compels him to try to sabotage every facet of the president’s agenda. Also like McCain, he is an easy touch for the attention and kudos of the left, who he collaborates with at every turn.

As Judy Beth Wagoner explains: “Soon-to-be United States ex-Senator Jeff Flake just can’t overcome his bitterness as a swamp creature being drained from the Washington swamp. He continues to inject his worthless progressive sentiment into the national conversation, even though his representation was rejected by his own constituents… [he] went to Washington by presenting himself as a conservative Tea Party candidate. Once there he betrayed the people who put him in office and became a flaming progressive establishment hack.”

So there was the hack, “trapped” in an elevator—cameras and microphones at the ready to capture the entire phony scene—with an aggrieved woman pleading with him to take women’s grievances seriously. The clearly orchestrated scenario impelled the senator—Roger Simon calls Sen. Flake “the captain in the #NeverTrump resistance movement from within the Republican Party”—to ask for another week so the FBI could investigate further.

Well whaddaya know? That shrieking harpy was none other than Ana Maria Archila, the co-executive director for the Center for Popular Democracy and the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund, the latter heavily funded by Trump-loather George Soros.

And did I fail to mention this little factoid that makes every Flake move and word stink to high heaven? Specifically, as reported by Joe Hoft for Gateway Pundit, the last person Sen. Flake called before asking for another week of Supreme Insanity was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein—which “sends a clear message that the Deep State is now involved in the Supreme Court nomination process.” The anti-Trump Deep State, I might add.

“The fact that Flake contacted Rosenstein (Redactenstein) should worry the entire country,” Hoft continues. “Who in Rosenstein’s corrupt DOJ or FBI should be investigating anything related to the President? God help this country… ”

Perhaps Karin McQuillan explains the Flake phenomenon best. “Jeff Flake is an ambitious man. His ambition is to sabotage President Trump, the Republican Party, and Trump voters by any means possible. Flake sides with the Left on cultural issues, on immigration, on the war on coal. [He] was a reliable ally for Obama on those causes and more… his only major accomplishment was joining the ‘Gang of 8′ open borders initiative.”

“Flake plotted a mini-coup on Friday morning to snatch away Kavanaugh’s moral victory over the Democrats’ smear campaign. [He] is doing “the most despicable thing” any of us have seen in politics in our lifetimes—using uncorroborated and implausible allegations from 36 years ago to launch scummy attacks against a decent man,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). “No amount of rhetoric about ‘healing the country’ can cover Flake’s perfidious deed.”

Then there is Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) who repeatedly lied and lied and lied about serving in the military in Vietnam. Think about that. Is that not the definition of unbalanced, irresponsible, pathological? Yet, when confronted with the truth, he repeated the lie! As writer Daniel John Sobieski has pointed out: “Sen. Blumenthal asked Kavanaugh to explain the judicial concept of ‘falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus,’ a phrase that means ‘false in one thing, false in everything’ and allows jurors to discount the entire testimony of someone caught lying on a particular point. This pearl of wisdom came from a man who himself lied that he served in Vietnam, something Sen. Tom Cotton has rightly noted and condemned. In fact, Blumenthal… sought at least five military deferments and eventually landed a spot in the Marine Reserve, where he was essentially guaranteed not to serve in the conflict itself, The New York Times reported.”

Then there is Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the man who is famous for comparing brave American soldiers to Nazis.

And who can forget Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), whose recent notoriety, as detailed by Debra Heine, describes the senator’s own written words, not 36 years ago, but in the student-run Stanford Daily newspaper in 1992 in which Booker admitted to taking advantage of an intoxicated classmate: “New Year’s Eve 1984 I will never forget. I was 15. As the ball dropped, I leaned over to hug a friend and she met me instead with an overwhelming kiss. As we fumbled upon the bed, I remember debating my next ‘move’ as if it were a chess game. With the ‘Top Gun’ slogan ringing in my head, I slowly reached for her breast. After having my hand pushed away once, I reached my ‘mark,'” he continued, without explaining what he meant by “mark.”

Booker returned to the subject of “date rape” a few months later: “But by my second column, as I raised my noble pen to address the issue of date rape, I realized that the person holding it wasn’t so noble after all,” he wrote. “With this issue as with so many others, a dash of sincere introspection has revealed to me a dangerous gap—a gap between my beliefs and my actions.”

What? No trial for this self-admitted groper for what Heine calls his own lurid sexual misconduct allegations? And this man is judging Judge Kavanaugh!

There are so many other guilty-until-proven-innocent Democrats, the most egregious of whom is Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY), a lawyer who uttered perhaps the most blazingly idiotic statement of this entire travesty of a hearing: “I believe Dr. Blasey Ford because she’s telling the truth.”

According to writer Michael Anton, The Gillibrand Standard is now that “accusation suffices to destroy. Not only is no corroborating evidence necessary, to ask for such evidence makes one just as guilty as the accused. Especially monstrous is to ask questions of the accuser; that is to repeat or compound the alleged crime. The accusation, once stated, immediately takes on metaphysical certainty. To doubt is to blaspheme.”

There is “but one limiting principle to the Gillibrand Standard,” Anton continues: “It shalt be used only against the Right and Republicans. Credible accusations—with evidence, witnesses, contemporaneous police reports—against Democrats and liberals are not merely to be ignored but also stonewalled and attacked, alleged victims and witnesses alike smeared.”

Incidentally, as reported by Seth Barron in The City Journal, “in 11 years of serving in Congress, Gillibrand has sponsored just one bill that became law—the naming of a post office in Washington Heights after deceased councilman Stanley Michels.”

Astoundingly, both she and the above-mentioned species actually win elections!


Personally, I’m confident of Judge Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court of the United States. And there is more good news ahead.

Writer Larry Schweikart believes that when Sen. Feinstein hatched her malevolent plot in July, “when Christine Ford’s letter first arrived on her desk, it was at that time almost certain that she believed—based on polling—that the Democrats stood a chance of taking the Senate in November.” The strategy she devised was to delay, delay, delay the Kavanaugh nomination.

Today, he continues, “not only will the Democrats stand no realistic chance of winning the Senate, but it increasingly looks as though they will lose another five to seven seats, and if [Sen. Feinstein’s] trick has incensed enough Republicans to turn out, they could face a 60-seat majority next January.”

Schweikart concludes by saying that “California Senator Dianne Feinstein has done something even President Donald Trump could not do: Awaken the sleeping giant of the Republican electorate to defeat the Democrats in the 2018 midterms—she has mobilized a somnambulant Republican base and filled it with a terrible resolve!”

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