Democrats and Welfare Rats

Recently our president, Donald John Trump, was booed at a baseball game in Washington, D.C. With the typically bad taste and poor manners of left-wing progressive socialists, they yelled, “Lock him up. Lock him up.” It was a coarse imitation of the president’s 2016 campaign comments where he threatened to ‘lock up‘ a known felon, Hillary Clinton. I guess imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.

Please keep this in mind: Over ninety percent [that’s more than nine out of ten] of D.C. residents rely on one form of government welfare or another. Maybe it’s working a federal government job which was created to keep folks off of welfare. Or maybe it’s collecting welfare money, grants, and food stamps every month. Any way you slice it, these Welfare Rats who booed our president have a very real ‘dog in the fight‘.

The dog: President Donald Trump is dangerous. He’s dangerous to the entire Welfare Culture. He’s dangerous to folks who are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and yes, 4th and 5th generation welfare recipients. He’s been getting more and more people off the welfare rolls and into meaningful employment in the private sector. As our economy booms [due largely to President Trump] more and more job opportunities present themselves. It’s in the face of the expanding economy that he is weeding out the Welfare Rats, nearly all of them Democrats. He’s scraping the leeches off the back of honest taxpayers.

The Washington, D.C. Welfare Culture is in danger of being severely reduced in size or even eliminated because of the sound and proven principles our president is applying. It’s this culture that so closely imitates Socialism which is the ‘golden child‘ of the Democratic Party. It’s the early model of what they hope will eventually envelop the United States at all levels. They feel that if they shout loud enough and often enough, people will take them all seriously. They believe that if they can get enough people on the socialist welfare rolls, they can conquer this land from within.

Go ahead you Democrats and Welfare Rats, boo all you like. You can cry and lie all you want, but that won’t be enough to cloud the minds of the American People. It’ll take a lot more than the shallow-minded ‘progressive‘ vermin of the Democrat Party and the Welfare Culture to turn the rising tide of national wealth and financial well-being.

I’ve got a really interesting question for you. “Where did all of these Welfare Rats and Democrats get enough money to get tickets to a World Series ballgame?” Perhaps this is indicative of the overpaid and bloated benefits available to them that can allow Welfare Rats and Democrats to get tickets that an ordinary working stiff simply cannot afford. This is proof positive that the Welfare Culture needs reordering, reduction, or outright elimination.

Well, in answer to the self-entitled, bullying, lazy, and greedy class known as ‘Democrats and Welfare Rats’ I can only say this … “Get off the couch. Get off the streets. Get off your behinds. Get a ‘real’ job! The private sector is waiting!” … I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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