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Declaration of War “A Changing Nation”

If you think things are bad, now just wait until we are a month away from the election when the real fireworks will start. What we are seeing now is just a prelude to the real rioting and looting that will take place when the Democrats see how close this race is going to be. The left is out for blood and they don’t care whose blood is spilled as long as it creates the element of keeping the general public in fear.

We have reached a crisis stage in our history where the old guard bureaucrats are living in fear that they will all be booted out of their jobs and replaced with conservatives who will change the political landscape. As the left tries to destroy the history of our country with its triumphs and struggles, the people sit in awe at the way so many of our young people have drunk the Kool-Aid and joined this radical brigade tearing down monuments throughout our country, some that have stood for a century.

We should all remember the infamous words of Russia’s Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev when he said, “We will take America without firing a shot.” Most everyone including myself said that could never happen, not to America. If you think for a minute that the communists haven’t infiltrated our schools, you are not thinking. This transition has been going on for decades right under our noses and we are the ones who have financed it with our tax dollars.

They no longer teach American history in our schools anymore, they teach a revised version that suits the needs of the radical left that have taken control of our education system. We don’t have PTA meetings and as parents, we no longer participate in the choice of curriculum for our children. Instead, we allow the State-run Boards of Education dictate what they will learn and when they will learn it. The people have lost control of the major factor—the education of the next generation that has kept this country together for 244 years—as we watch them tear down important historic monuments around our country. As they try to change our history because it offends them, forgetting that history teaches us lessons we don’t want to repeat. Every day they come up with something new they are offended by, be it the name of a football team or the picture on the box of pancake mix that has been around for decades.

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We have moved into a new dimension with the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and the democrats fear there is finally someone in the seat of power who is proficient in challenging their unbridled corruption that has been going on for decades. As the investigations by Attorney General Barr continue into the Russia debacle and the secret wiretapping are disclosed, the American people get closer to seeing a glimpse of how bad our government has been.

Washington needs a good cleansing and Trump has a large broom and a long handle to sweep out the garbage. Democrats are living in total fear that their corruption will be discovered from former President Obama on down the chain of liars and thieves who hold elected positions of power. They have been robbing us blind for years using our tax dollars as a piggy bank for bribes and special deals that eventually will make them rich. Too many of our congressmen and senators go into office with little or nothing, yet they come out millionaires. All I can say is please Mr. President, keep sweeping as you have a long way to go to fix this corrupt system that has been in power for way too long.

This whole Corona Virus crisis has been blown way out of proportion by the media and the bureaucratic medical gurus who haven’t seen a patient in over 20 years but are making policy for the entire country because of a flu virus. All of their predictions have been so wrong, they don’t even want to discuss them any longer with the public as they are shielded by the liberal media. We as citizens were told that 2 million Americans could die from this disease and there was no hope for curtailing it with our current arsenal of drugs.

Once again, they lied and you live in mortal fear that your children and elderly parents might die from this virus. They have you staying in your homes and have closed your businesses. They have told you not to go to church or any recreational activities for fear of spreading a virus that kills fewer than 1% of its victims. When we should have protected those that were most vulnerable and kept our economy open, we were brought into chaos by fear-mongering and closed the world’s largest economy down. I hate to even think about the huge numbers of people who will be driven to suicide and mental problems because of the media and medical bureaucrats making and promoting bad policies.

As I attended Sunday church services in McCall this morning, my heart was saddened by the fact that there was no one under 50 in the service, which was being held outdoors. There were no children present as there were before this fear-mongering of this virus and no special children’s message which we would have each Sunday. People were singing with muffled voices because they were afraid to take off their masks. I even heard the women sitting next to me say to her husband, “we have to move” because my wife and I were not wearing masks. What a world we now live in where your best friends and neighbors will shun you to keep their distance to avoid this virus that has totally consumed our nation.

Before this crisis, there were 27% of Americans attending church regularly but now that they have an excuse not to get up on Sunday, many have decided to skip services because they now have a valid reason not to be there.

We can blame all of this on our politicians’ power to make these onerous regulations and decisions along with the medical bureaucrats who for the most part don’t have a clue as to what they have done in five short months to our country. I only pray that, in the end, God will save us from ourselves because it appears that most of us have lost all power to reason and use common sense.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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4 replies on “Declaration of War “A Changing Nation””

“The Issue is Not the Issue”. The left, drowning in Saul Alinsky’s kewlaid, will do ANYTHING to destroy our society. The current issue (BLM) is not the issue. The real issue is how to destroy the USA from within. The leftist leaders don’t care about black lives or we’d be pummeled with news about blacks killing blacks, a daily event. And, who are the financiers of the current riots? Who is buying the professionally produced BLM signs and banners? Who is buying the new black shiny helmets and gas masks worn by rioting terrorists in Portland? Hmmm.. Can’t we use RICO to go after the money?

We can put the blame on the low life form known as politicians but in reality it is the voter to which this blame belongs. I have always been taught that any rule that goes against the United States Constitution is not a legal law so who’s at fault, The law makers or the fools that let them get away with it without penalty?

Defund federal and state education boards. Let Idahoans choose and direct education. Of coarse now we have elected to the GOP chair of Idaho Tom Luna. The pusher of common core. The biggest poison to this country, the final blow from the Marxist infiltration.
It’s over guys. All that’s left is to finish watching her burn. I blame all of you and my self. Of coarse I tried my hardest to recall Luna. Now I’m trying to get little recalled. Problem is…….
People are to doggedly stupid to be educated about the facts and unwilling to do what is REQUIRED to keep the republic.
“If my people that are called by my name………” some of you know the rest.

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