Covid 19 is all about the Money

Vicky Purdy is a Commissioner of Adams County who actually tries to serve the people that elected her which is not the case for many of today’s politicians. Standing up for what is right always comes at a cost when you are fighting a bureaucratic establishment. She serves on the Southwest District Health Board and has been ridiculed by not only the press but several members who also serve on this board. This Board is there to provide control measures to deal that deal with Covid-19. In the past month, the attacks on Commissioner Purdy and other like-minded members of the board have gotten worse as they have continued to vote to not implement the wearing of face masks in their district.

I ask you, hasn’t Governor Little put enough draconian control measures in place on the people of our state with social distancing, restricting visitations to love ones in nursing homes and arbitrarily closing businesses politicians say are non-essential. Up until Covid-19 reared its ugly head OSHA who has studied the benefits and detriments of wearing face masks were tasked with regulating and fining businesses that required employees to wear masks all day at work. They required those employers to first have their employees get a medical check-up before requiring the wearing of masks. Today those rules have been thrown out the window and employers are requiring not only their employees to wear masks but also their customers. What happened to the years of study by OSHA to protect employees?

Why aren’t our Health Districts promoting good health by advising their communities to eat properly and exercise regularly to keep themselves healthy? Why have we closed our gyms which are essential for many to keep fit and healthy yet we allow liquor stores and marijuana shops to stay open. The media keeps talking about the number of Covid deaths but what they avoid telling you is that 93.6% of those who have died of covid in Idaho were over 60 years of age and most had contributing medical problems. Think about this in 2018 we killed 1,257 unborn children in Idaho through induced abortions. According to Idaho Vital statistics, the leading causes of death in our state are heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory diseases, and auto accidents totaling over 7,000 deaths per year yet all the press talks about are the 375 who have died from covid. Unfortunately, they never talk about the comorbidity of other diseases that these people had which contributed to their deaths.

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Instead of talking about how to stay healthy, we get more pressure from to have everyone wear these controversial face masks. Depending on who you listen to and what you read wearing masks can be positive or negative for your health. While many point to studies that say masks are effective there are just as many studies that say they are not. We are becoming a state and nation of faceless people who are afraid to get closer than 6 feet to their neighbors. The numbers of those who have contracted Covid have been dropping precipitously over the past month and it is time to get this emergency over with and get on with making our state prosperous again.

Recently the CDC posted on their website that of the 153,504 deaths that were attributed to Covid, only 9,210 or 6% were actually attributed specifically to Covid while the other 94% had 2-3 other serious illnesses and the overwhelming majority were of very advanced age. This update was taken down from their site quietly but not before it was put on Facebook and was shared thousands of times. The question remains was this posting by the CDC a mistake or did someone there figure out that the post did not fit their narrative. We have seen the CDC reverse themselves many times during this pandemic on many issues relating to how the disease should be treated and what measures should be used to reduce the spread of the virus. The real disaster is the number of lives lost and ruined by the fear spread in the media and divisive ill-informed politicians.

Riots and hate have become the order of the day with many of our cities in turmoil as businesses are burned and stores looted while police are handcuffed by politicians who are scared to death to make the decisions necessary to keep law and order. We have permitted our elected leaders to take over our states ordering us to wear masks, close our churches, and limit gatherings while emotionally damaging our children with required social distancing wearing face masks and closing our schools. Now that we are six months into this fiasco of half-truths and out and out lies promoted by the media we are recognizing this virus for what it really is, a bad flu bug.

Many of our healthcare professionals are being ostracized by collogues and silenced from speaking the truth about the inflated deaths and extra federal monies garnered for Covid deaths. According to a recent “Hospital CFO Report” Idaho receives from the federal government $100,000 per Covid-19 case. If that isn’t an incentive to keep this fiasco going I don’t know what is.

We are now seeing highly respected doctors being attacked by their peers accusing them of malpractice for not recommending facemasks and other such measures. Others have been gagged from speaking about cheap available cures like Hydroxychloroquine and zinc that are being suppressed because of pressure from Big Pharma. Billions of federal funds are being literally thrown at companies who say they have a promising vaccine to combat or even cure Covid. One must ask themselves is this all about the money and not the welfare of the people of this country. Will this virus become the biggest lie ever told to suppress an economy and change an election? Was this all about a deadly virus or was it about political power and monetary gain? Only history will eventually give us the answer to many of these questions.

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