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Why Conservatives are their own Worst Enemies

Has District One Gone Mad?

Can someone please tell us what the heck is going on in the District 1 Bonner and Boundary Counties? Republicans won two seats for strong conservatives Sage Dixon and Heather Scott in the last election. The last piece of the puzzle to complete this transition is to dump Senator Shawn Keough in 2016. Glenn Roher announced his candidacy for this position in November of last year, and it seemed that everyone who is anyone politically speaking in the county was on board with his candidacy. We understand that just recently Danielle Ahrens who originally supported Glenn has just declared her candidacy for this position. This will inevitably split the vote three ways and undoubtedly hand a primary victory to liberal incumbent Shawn Keough. Now Danielle is a formidable candidate for sure, but she has lost twice to Shawn the last time by only 200 or so votes. One would have thought that the chairman of the local party would have the experience to figure out that a three way race is untenable in this district if you lost by 200 votes last time around. This is quite typical of why conservatives lose elections. Too many of them shoot first and lose elections at the polls leaving us to deal with two more years of liberal voting by the incumbents.

It’s time to show some real leadership.

If Danielle really wanted to take a third shot at Rep. Keough, she should have sorted that out before she extended her support for Glenn Roher. If we as conservatives are going to take our state back in the legislature, we are going to have to think a bit further ahead and not make mistakes like this one or we will never regain control. We hope Danielle will show that she is a true leader and has the courage to iron out whatever differences she may have with Glenn so they can work together to take this seat from one of the most liberal voting RINO Senators in Idaho’s history. This race is going to take the full support of everyone in the district as we already know that IACI and the Governor’s new Political Otter PAC are going to target both Scott and Dixon in the primary, and they will have plenty of money left over to support Keough. Our advice is to “Get Over It” and resolve whatever problem is stirring within the party in District 1 and start working together for the overall good of our state’s conservatives by supporting the original candidate so we can take this Senatorial seat in the May primary. The following link was sent to us and we thought we would share it with you. Click on the link:

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We need to purge the legislature of Rino’s.

There are so many liberals in our legislature that we have to believe that 6 to 8 years ago a bunch of out in the woods Democrats decided that there was no way they could get elected to office so they decided to become Republicans, “RINO’s” ran for office and won. For some reason that we cannot fathom these liberals are still in office picking the taxpayers’ pockets and lying about what a good job they are doing. These are the same professional politicians we have been trying to remove from office every two years with only minor success. I have often asked myself why is it that we put up great candidates with strong backgrounds on the issues facing our state, but they can’t win an election.

Elections are a numbers game.

Let me give you all a lesson in politics. It is a numbers game and a money game and he who has the money will get the numbers needed to win the election. Elections are won or lost in most cases by a margin of 3 to 5% of the voters who turn out at the polls. The establishment Rino’s who run this state have the money, they also get out and campaign for their candidates and get their people to the polls. This is because they know if they don’t do what they’re told there is a good chance they will not be handed any goodies by the administration that controls the state money.

Supporting our candidates.

Conservatives have a difficult job, and since they don’t have a lot of money, and they don’t have a political machine, they must be a lot more organized than the Rinos. Giving a little money to the candidate of your choice would also help enormously in getting some more conservatives elected to office. When people put money on the line, they have a lot more interest in seeing their candidate win. They will also be willing to go out and hand out flyers, go door to door and attend rallies and meetings.

Let’s put it in a framework everyone can understand “Money”. In the last session the establishment Rinos passed an unnecessary gas tax hike along with a hike in registration fees for everyone. This will cost the average driver in Idaho about $100 more a year in taxes. If the conservatives had given just 25% of that money they are now going to pay in taxes to help put a conservative into our legislature and went to the polls to vote they would not be paying this onerous increase in fuel taxes and registration fees.

Do you remember the 2014 gubernatorial primary?

Let’s take a step back to 2014 when Senator Russ Fulcher decided to take on the Republican establishment and run against incumbent Governor Butch Otter. We have never seen such excitement in the conservative groups. This was a time when everyone gave their all to help win a race that we all knew needed to be won. As we know elections have consequences and so did this one. The unfortunate part of this election was the despondency of the people who poured their hearts out working to get Fulcher elected. What they forgot to look at is the final numbers where Otter only got 51% of the vote to Fulcher’s 44%. Throw in twiddle dumb and twiddledee, Brown and Bayes, for 5 more percentage points and Otter only won by 2%. As we said, elections are a numbers game and had Fulcher started his campaign 2 months earlier we assure you there would have been a much different outcome. Remember people, Otter was a two term incumbent and spent $2 million, four times more than Fulcher. We can’t give up, and we need to try harder the next time for the sake of every citizen of our state.

Do you really want to change the system?

We have a lot of good truly conservative candidates running for election in the Republican primary next year, and it would behoove all conservatives to get their butts off their couches pull out their wallets to support their candidates in any way they can. Because if you don’t, we are going to have another legislative session with over 1500 more pages of state rules and regulations. Our governor will be taking more federal money and give less to education. Butch will continue taking care of his friends who have an interest in the gambling machines at the track and his road construction buddies. The establishment will find more ways to funnel your tax dollars to their crony friends and corporations while you continue to work for below average median wages and watch your health insurance premiums go through the roof. If this is what you want, just sit there, do nothing and watch your taxes go up and your incomes go down.

Wake Up Idaho! Only you can change your state’s government.

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