Christy Zito is running for Representative Seat 23A

I am Christy Zito and I am running as challenger for Idaho House of Representatives Seat 23 A. I live in Hammett with my daughter Elizabeth. We have a small farm there. I currently serve as the Republican Party Hammett Precinct Committeewoman and Republican Party Elmore County State Committeewoman.

I believe in bottom up, not top down government. I believe that our liberty is being eroded away one vote at a time and feel we must work together to put a stop to it here in Idaho.

Establishment and career politicians have gotten away with telling us what is best for us for too long. We must be vigilant in protecting the constitution of the state and the nation.

We must defend the privacy and liberty of the citizens of our state. The people of Idaho are capable of managing their own affairs. I am insulted to think that there are those who believe that we are not capable of making decisions that suite Idaho best.

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The people of this party and this state clearly said no mandated health care, no Common Core. We want local control of public lands. We have shown that our state is a better manager of the land than federal bureaucrats. Land trust lands: State Land Trust managed lands are proven to be in better condition and to be more profitable than those outside of our local control. Why would local control of the health of our citizens, and the education of our children be any different?

Our 2nd amendment rights are being challenged on a national level. Our rights to privacy, and sovereignty as an individual are being threatened. Idaho needs to stand strong against the federal push that continues to erode our rights. I believe life begins at conception and will defend and promote a pro-life agenda as a legislator.

Every vote cast in the state legislature should be a vote to protect liberty.

I look forward to hearing the views and opinions of the people of this district directly from the people themselves. Together we will protect the sovereignty of this state and the liberty of the people who live here! I am Christy Zito, the Republican Challenger for Idaho House Seat 23 A,

I am running to give you a choice in the upcoming local election. A non-establishment voice. I will work tirelessly to represent your views, to defend the sovereignty of our state, and the privacy of our people.

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