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Can Boise be Saved from the Libs on Election Day?

The question that needs to be answered is: has Mayor McLean been prioritizing or polarizing the important issues for our state’s capital city? The simple answer is since McLean was elected our capital city has become a battleground for the liberal left to turn Boise a bright blue. Boise has always been a liberal enclave proven by the reelection of our former mayor Bieter to serve four terms. While Bieter could be called an annoyance he never had that zealot leftist attitude that McLean has about pushing social issues like the Boise Pride Festival and continually harping on Idaho’s strict abortion laws that she will not enforce. Under McLean’s watch, affordable housing for working families has become a thing of the past while property taxes have risen to the point of exhaustion for the individual homeowner.

McLean claims that she has already begun the strategic annexation of 132 acres of land off Victory Rd. for a for-rent housing development on land owned at the time by the Boise School District near West Jr. High. Well, the truth be known she had nothing to do with this. It was the city council that approved this annexation as it was the school district that applied to bring the land into the city ahead of a sale. Our liberal mayor is no different than the liberals in our congress who talk a lot about what they are doing to help the people they serve but rarely, do anything but pay lip service to the problems. McLean is also responsible for the new zoning laws allowing more density along transit corridors but says nothing about how to address the traffic congestion that will continue to frustrate many residents.

According to the Boise Guardian McLean had a meeting with an unknown corporate entity and has possibly entered into a secret agreement with them that she has not disclosed. While Boise certainly could use a new corporate entity that would employ Idahoans with a wage allowing them to participate in this outrageous housing market, why must it be kept a secret? Boise has many other municipal problems besides affordable housing that need to be addressed. Could the citizens of Boise be looking at another surprise Tech corporation that wants to use our water and get a good tax break like Meta (Facebook) did in Kuna? It is time that we had a mayor who will work on solving the problems at hand instead of creating new ones. We need to rid our city of these far-left liberals who are like a bunch of termites in the City of Trees before they turn Boise into another Portland or Seattle.

Get ready for the McLean propaganda machine to start blasting their message on every TV and radio station. The Boise Fact Check political PAC that is backing McLean has been busy buying up time on the major local TV and on social media platforms. It appears they are trying to influence the older voters by airing these political commercials on local game shows and afternoon news broadcasts. The propaganda gurus will be hard at work right up to election day spinning the facts and distorting the true nature of who McLean is. She appears to me to be just another leftist politician who likes to give grandiose speeches about how she will fix the problems but in actuality creates more problems than she solves.

Then there is of course McLean’s major opponent Mike Masterson, the former Boise police chief who has stepped into this race to save the city of trees from McLean and her army of far-left liberal termites. While I don’t particularly care for former chief Masterson, he at least has a very credible past history in keeping Boise safe and has the backing of both the Fire and Police unions. Masterson was a registered Republican and came to Boise in 2005 from Madison Wisconsin to run the police Dept and retired in 2015. If you know anything about Madison Wisconsin it is known as the leftist capital of the state, so I seriously doubt that Masterson is either an independent or a republican. Truth be known he is more of a Rino than anything else much like many of Idaho’s legislators so he should fit right in.

This campaign will be a real battle for Masterson who needs to raise a lot more money if he is going to counter the multimedia campaign that will be waged by McLean. Masterson’s campaign has only received an estimated $280,000 in contributions while the mayor is bumping up on half a million not including the huge amounts of money being spent by Political Pac’s. It is said that Boise Fact Check Pac has allocated hundreds of thousands to social media and TV advertising to get McLean reelected while the Conversation Voters for Action Fund has donated $200,000 in kind for fact check ads. You can clearly see that these Pacs don’t want to lose the foothold they have gained with McLean and are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Politics has become a game of numbers measured in dollars and cents so if you can’t raise the money, you’re more than likely going to be the underdog in the election. While I believe Masterson would be a much better mayor than McLean, it is not because of his knowledge or abilities as a businessman. I doubt that he has any more administrative abilities to run a city with growing pains like Boise than McLean, but I firmly believe he doesn’t want it to turn into a sanctuary city like Portland. I do believe that if McLean is given 4 more years, it will change the city of trees into a new liberal bastion of the West.

Unfortunately, we never seem to elect good businessmen to run our cities or states because most are not dumb enough to get involved in the mud-slinging that goes along with the job. Trump is one of the few intelligent businessmen who decided to step into the Three Ring Circus of politics and came out smelling more like a rose than a bag of organic manure and lord knows we had 4 years of prosperity and peace. I’m certainly not comparing Masterson to Trump, but I will say he has more common sense than McLean when it comes to knowing what the city of Boise needs to fix its problems. He will also keep our capital city from turning into the next sanctuary city which is where it seems Snitch McLean is leading it. This election is going to tell us if the citizens of Boise want to continue turning their city blue or if they want to reverse direction and have a more conservative leader like Mike Masterson for the next 4 years. As for me I live in New Meadows so I don’t even have a dog in this fight but for my money, I believe the city of Trees will be much better off with Mike instead of Snitch McLean and her “Liberal Termites.”

“We Get the Government We Deserve”. As the Democrats say, “Vote Early and Vote Often”.

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Investigations on the 2020 elections showed that the majority of those who control voting nationwide are Democrat volunteers.
This combined with the facts that Republican watchers were denied access & that our voting machine ballot percentages can be easily rigged to favor any given candidate negates that Americans have a legitimate voting system.
If so-called Patriotic Citizens lack the will & backbone to demand & enforce full access to validate their voting system, we will continue our decline into a third world dictatorship.
The Jan. 6 Patriots being now held in a Gulag are just an example of what we will face if millions of true-Americans don’t unite as a nationwide Oath Enforcement movement to oust openly treasonous public servants.

We here in AZ are facing the same issues and are alfast becoming a sanctuary state like CA. It’s going to hell in a hand basket here with no apparent way to stop it or change it for the better.

Well put and 100% true.
If 2020 (and other elections…) showed us nothing else, they showed that the SYSTEM (across the country) is rigged.

States don’t “turn Blue” organically.
1) Use the complicit media to claim you are a majority
2) Rig elections to gain power
3) Use your election ‘victory’ as proof you are a majority.

Saw this in CA. ever since Arnold won. People don’t take the amount of crap CA. imposes on its citizens and then re-elect them.

I agree with you Chuck. The libs will do anything to stay in power. What they don’t realize is that they are going to have to be governed by their own rules like everyone else. They never ask themselves about the harm they are causing until it (happens to them.). Like Biden, they run head on into making messes that didn’t exist before and never admit the results. They wallow in their power and feel no remorse in raising the taxes so high
that only millionaires are able to live a decent life.

Please stop using terms like “Libs”, “Liberals”.

These people are leftists or worse. They are not “liberals”. You are using their terms which are meant to make them appear other than what they are. Communists.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”. ‘
We also get the government that’s been hijacked.

Digital voting machines. We’ve been duped.

I wonder how much money Satan Lukes has donated to McLeach and her ilk. Boise is prob too entrenched with Albies being used to Federal $$ from the Rona, and all the liberal CEOs buying up WEF and UN propaganda, the root cause is greed and hedonism, which cannot be fixed with logic.

“… before they turn Boise into another Portland or Seattle.”
I don’t disagree with anything you’ve written here, but as a 4th-generation Seattleite who escaped to the Treasure Valley three years ago I feel I need to add my voice to this.
Unless you have lived in Seattle or Portland you have NO IDEA of the misery and destruction these vermin will visit on your beautiful city.
When I got here people said, “it’s not really as bad as we see in the news, is it?”
It’s worse. It is a pit of human depravity the likes of which you’ve never seen.
Rape camps set up under the freeway in blue tarp encampments where children, boys and girls, are taken in exchange for a couple of hits of heroin.
Formerly nice neighborhoods where women are abducted in broad daylight and raped and murdered in an alley by illegal aliens seeking the “sanctuary” promised by your Mayor and City Council.
Drag Queen Story Hour at your local library sponsored by the American Library Association, which will also ensure your elementary school kids have plenty of picture books showing men and women having sex, men and men having sex and men and women having sex with children.
This is the future your nice Democrat neighbors have in store for you. Sue and Dave who drive the Subaru wagon with the “Coexist” bumper sticker and shared a joint with you on Saturday night want your kids to be exposed to pornography and “diversity” as early as possible, because “it takes a village.”
You’ve been warned. Many of your neighbors are political refugees from the West Coast and will tell you exactly what I just did.
If you let it happen here you have no one to blame but yourselves.
You’ve been warned.

I agree with all said here, but people need to realize that they are working within a foreign system of government. What you think of as your government at all levels is nothing more than corporations providing government services. People need to get involved in the actual American government which is now reinstated in all 50 states and can be found at tasa dot americanstatenationals dot org. I wrote it this way because I don’t know if links are allowed in these postings.

Tony, you are absolutely, 100% correct! But, will anyone listen, read or act on your information? I doubt it! People only complain about their sub-contractors and will not consider the remedy that awaits them! They really don’t want to claim back their rightful government that is owed to them. Sad but true! It takes too much time to learn the truth! They only know how to be spoon-fed information. Thanks for trying anyway! I give you stars for trying! Keep up the good fight!

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