Caleb Pirc Announces High-Profile Conservative Endorsements in Legislative Race

(Meridian, Idaho) — This week, Caleb Pirc announced an abundance of high-profile endorsements in support of his bid for Idaho’s State Representative seat in district 21B, including U.S. Congressman Russ Fulcher. “As the only candidate in this race who hasn’t received a dime from special interest groups and corporations but has built our campaign from individual support right here in Idaho, I’m really pleased with the momentum the campaign has gained,” Pirc said. “We have a strong grassroots presence, and I’m really proud of everything our volunteers have accomplished as we move into the May primaries.”

His endorsements include:

  • U.S. Congressman Russ Fulcher (R, CD-1)
  • Senator Regina Bayer (R, District 21)
  • Representative Judy Boyle (R, District 9)
  • Representative Brent Crane (R, District 12)
  • Representative Ron Mendive (R, District 3)
  • Representative Joe Palmer (R, District 20)
  • Representative Heather Scott (R, District 1)

When giving his endorsement of Pirc’s candidacy, Congressman Russ Fulcher stated, “I have known Caleb Pirc for nearly 20 years. He has worked for me both personally and professionally. Caleb was born with a servant’s heart, a passion to help others, and has never wavered in his beliefs. I am confident he will carry those traits to the Idaho legislature and be a strong, conservative voice for the state of Idaho.”

Pirc also attracted endorsements from a number of state legislators. “Caleb is very intelligent, hard-working, and principled,” stated Representative Judy Boyle from District 9. “He will be honest with constituents, not flip flop on tough issues, and will serve District 21 well.” Pirc worked under Boyle as an Agriculture Committee page and later worked with her at the legislature as a legislative intern.

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“I met Caleb Pirc when he was serving as an intern in the Idaho legislature,” Representative Ron Mendive of District 3 recalled. “I observed a brilliant and conservative young man who excelled in this role. He fully understands the legislative process.”

Senator Regina Bayer from District 21 emphasized Pirc’s stance on key conservative issues. “Caleb Pirc is an intelligent young man who understands the importance of limited government and lower taxes. He will defend staunch conservative values, the Right to Life, and our right to keep and bear arms.”

Representative Brent Crane from District 12 expressed concern over the next generation of Idaho’s political leaders. “Idaho needs bold and Conservative leadership in the Idaho House of Representatives now more than ever. Caleb Pirc is part of the next generation of conservative Idaho leaders who will fight to protect traditional marriage, keep biological men from taking your daughter’s place on the sports team, and preventing your kids from being exposed to obscene materials in their school library.”

In addition to these individual endorsements, Caleb has also received the highest rating possible from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and endorsements from conservative grassroots organizations such as Protect 43, ConservativesOf Meridian, ConservativesOf Idaho, Parents for Freedom and Liberty, publications such as the Gem State Patriot, and small business owners and individuals across Meridian.

A full list of Pirc’s endorsements can be found at

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Caleb, you checked all the boxes, dude! I met your mom, and she raised a great son. You have our vote May 15!

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