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Bryan Smith: Why I’m running for Congress

Last Saturday, I announced that I’m running for Congress to replace Mike Simpson in the United States House of Representatives. For over 20 long years, Simpson has been in Washington where he’s voted for amnesty for illegals, massive spending increases, bigger government, and gun control. And now he’s joined radical environmentalists to destroy four dams on the lower Snake River.

Simpson has declared war on Idaho’s farmers and ranchers who need the storage water to grow the crops that feed the world. These dams also produce emission-free hydro electrical power. Destroying them threatens to increase electricity rates for Idahoans.

Simpson’s plan to breach the dams is totally absurd, and everybody knows it. Even Simpson admits he doesn’t know if his plan will actually work. Yet, Simpson stubbornly persists in siding with environmentalists who prioritize fish over Idaho’s farmers and families.

If that weren’t bad enough, Simpson also joined with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in their Jan. 6 witch hunt commission against former President Trump. And that was after Simpson refused to endorse President Trump in his first campaign. Amnesty, big-spending, bloated government, gun control, investigating President Trump — that’s the true Mike Simpson record.

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During the time Simpson has been in office, we’ve paid him millions of dollars in salaries, expenses, and benefits. No wonder Simpson opposes term limits.

I have never shied away from telling the truth or from a tough fight. Whether it is in the courtroom, in the Legislature or on the political battlefield, I have always stood up for what’s right and what I believe in. When liberals expanded Obamacare, I led the fight to the Idaho Supreme Court. When a Republican governor vetoed the Idaho grocery tax repeal, I led the fight to the Idaho Supreme Court. And now I will lead the fight to end Simpson’s days in Congress.

I’ve spent my life in the private sector. I’ve won in the courtroom for my clients, and I have built a business on winning. And winning for our conservative principles is exactly what we need in Washington. I’m an outspoken conservative. And as your Congressman, I will speak out for you. I will be your conservative voice in Washington.

I will fight to restart building the Trump border wall. We must return to the policy where people must go home to request entry into our country legally and not be let in by the tens of thousands illegally.

We need a conservative congressman to lead the charge on election integrity and protect the people’s vote at the ballot box. Requiring photo IDs to vote is long overdue.

As your congressman, I will proudly support the Trump America-first agenda. Unlike Simpson who refused to endorse President Trump in 2016, last year I was one of 32 Idaho delegates for the Trump campaign to represent President Trump at the Republican National Convention.

Make no mistake. Simpson won’t go down without a fight. Simpson and his Washington swamp creature allies will say all sorts of terrible things about me. Yes, I’m a lawyer. Yes, I help doctors and small businesses get paid for their hard work. The Washington elites will use my success to vilify, demonize and defame me. They’ll even call me a damn debt collector. But at least I’m not a dam breacher. My promise to you is that I will bring the same passion and energy I have given fighting for my clients fighting for you every day I’m in Congress. So, please join us by going to and signing up today to support real conservative change.

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