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Boise Mayor Cancels Bundy Rally, Governor Says Nothing

It looks like Mayor Mclean has been taking lessons from Governor Little and Speaker Bedke, if you can’t beat them do anything you can to stop or hurt your opponent. Truly vicious politics now prevail in the State of Idaho, and we expect to see a lot more of this before this November election is over. Mclean and her cohorts gave a pretty weak excuse for canceling the Bundy rally and to be honest it would not have been that big of a deal to let it go on as planned. Unfortunately, we have a bit too much Wokeness in the current Boise Mayor and her merry group of progressive council members.

You won’t see our Woke governor Little doing anything to help Bundy or for that matter anyone else who is challenging him in the general election. We have seen how dirty the Little brigade of advisers from IACI can get from the last race when they beat the daylights out of Raul Labrador on the radio waves in the last 2 weeks before the election. Don’t expect anything less with Mr. Bundy as they are going to drag his name through the mud until he looks like an off-road tire that has been slugging through the muck and mire for weeks. Bedke doesn’t have a formidable opponent since he dispatched Priscilla Giddings when he presided over Giddings’s ethics committee censure hearing for unbecoming conduct. A disputable charge (since the press had already posted the information prior to Giddings putting it up on Facebook). However, Bedke who was her opponent for LT. Governor should have recused himself from chairing the committee but instead, he used his position to manipulate the committee into a censure. Alas, this scoundrel has no ethics or morals and was able to find 25 House members to support the alleged charge that Giddings defamed a 19-year-old legislative intern.

We believe this year’s race for Governor will be more than interesting as many voters reflect on the Emergency order issued by Governor Little with just one covid case to gain access to the $50 billion in federal government covid money. Nor do we expect that many of the small business owners will forget how he closed what he called non-essential small businesses while leaving the big corporations to go about their business as usual. I also believe that Idahoans will remember that Governor Little did nothing to aid hospital workers in their quest to get exemptions from taking the Experimental Covid Vaccine. This vaccine is now proving to be not only ineffective, but it is being blamed for many side effects and even tens of thousands of deaths. Our only hope is that those who have been harmed by this vaccine will go after those doctors and hospitals who pushed this vaccine and never said anything about it being experimental. It is now known that they never told 90% of those taking the vaccine that it was an experimental vaccine, and the pharmaceutical companies had no liability for any bad effects that might occur. Lawsuits are already beginning to be filed. In fact, the governor even called a special session of the legislature during his Emergency to try to get immunity from legal liability for his actions during the so-called pandemic. Funny thing happened on the way to immunity is he never really got it and now there are many lawsuits being won in of all states California for the closing of businesses. if this vaccine is proven to have been harmful the hospitals and doctors could be liable for any ill effects of patients they treated. We hear that there are 5 insurance companies that are looking into their policies to restrict death benefits to anyone who took this experimental vaccine.

As we get closer to the election, we make note that the Governor has called a special session of the legislature to figure out how to spend the $2 billion in surplus taxes he has collected from the hard-working people of this state. Let’s be honest the governor is on a vote buying mission much like Joe Bidens College debt giveaway. He doesn’t care about the average working stiff in our state all he will be doing is giving back some of the excessive taxes that the state collected to the citizens of Idaho. Unfortunately, they will not get the lion’s share as it will be split up so he can once again dump hundreds of millions into an education system that has proven to be totally inadequate in teaching our children and it is shown by the poor performance of their test scores. He is also trying to placate the Teachers Union so he can gain their support in the upcoming election. Once again, the governor will try to buy his job for another four years unless Idahoans wise up to his pandering ways. Little is only looking out for himself and the corporations of IACI who pay for his campaigns. These are the same corporations that want your children to learn Critical Race Theory and allow gender changes. The same corporations who follow ESG which is bringing their wokeness to every corner of our great country.

Idaho has been built on small entrepreneurial businesses and not the big corporations like Micron and Chobani who get the tax breaks that everyday hard-working Idahoans pay for. Just look at the $50 million tax break he allowed for Facebook’s new server farm in Kuna that will employ less than 100 employees and the majority of them will come from out of state. In fact, we understand that even the construction crews that will erect this monstrosity will come from out of state. Yes, folks, these are your tax dollars hard at work helping the big corporations obfuscate the costs of opening for business in our fair state. It’s like the old saying goes about a gold mine. They get the gold, and we get the shaft.

I’m going to go way out on a limb and say that the citizens of Idaho will wise up to the fact that our governor has screwed them over the past 4 years from reneging on eliminating the grocery tax to stopping the sale of Hydroxychloroquine from pharmacists. I’m hoping that they will remember all of these things and will not reelect Little for a second term but instead vote for Ammon Bundy who has stood up against all of the Governor’s pandemic edicts. This is a man who believes in the people of Idaho and will give them smaller government, lower taxes, and less government regulation. You say that Little already gave you less government regulation well we don’t think so. First of all, Little was part of making many of those onerous regulations during his 20-year political career. What we do think is that much of the wording in these regulations that were on the books has been changed to make it look like we have fewer regulations but in essence, we don’t. Remember that “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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Spot-on article! Little has been terrible for Idahoans’ freedoms during the plandemic and before then, too. Bundy is getting my vote! Also, how was it legal for Mayor McLoser to stop Bundy’s rally? What were her excuses?

Frankly, I had no plans on voting for Mr Bundy, but leftist stunts like this are pushing my vote to him. I will vote against Little, period.

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