Boehner’s Gift to President Obama

Reprinted with permission of The John Birch Society

Saying that he wanted to hand over a “clean barn” to newly elected House Speaker Paul Ryan, Rep. Boehner did quite a bit of shoveling in order to reach a deal that as The New American’s Bob Adelmann put it:

Establishment Republicans get what they want: more military spending. Establishment Democrats get what they want: more welfare spending. What does the taxpayer get? The bill.

The bill is about $100 billion that will culminate with the federal government to tack on an additional $2 trillion to the admitted national debt of $18 trillion. U.S. Senator Rand Paul put this into perspective during an hour-long speech on the floor of the Senate:

​We borrow a million dollars a minute. Now, on the floor of the Congress, the Washington establishment from both parties puts forward a bill that will explode the deficit. It allows President Obama to borrow unlimited amounts of money.

Politifact took Sen. Paul to task for his remarks. But in so doing, admitted that “If the debt limit had not been lifted, the government wouldn’t have been able to pay its outstanding debts, with potentially serious economic consequences and negative reactions from equity and other markets.”

Let that sink in a bit. “Serious economic consequences” if the federal government shuts down. Doesn’t this demonstrate the amount of intrusion that the federal government has in the so-called free market? Our founding fathers never intended for the federal government to have so much power as to regulate anything beyond its constitutional limitations.

Any type of regulation beyond what is prescribed in the Constitution amounts to a breakdown in the public trust of the federal government, not to mention the disruption of the checks and balances prescribed to prevent this from happening.

According to the Tenth Amendment, states should be stepping up to nullify any regulation, rule, or law that is clearly outside the Constitutional limitations for the federal government. Get rid of what is outside the limitations and watch how quickly the federal government shrinks in size and in cost. The debt can be paid, taxes slashed, and surpluses handed back to taxpayers. States are beginning to see their role in this, but this should be moving forward much more quickly.

What is needed are more people to step forward to help inform the right people. Can we count on your help? If so, join The John Birch Society.

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