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Blue Tsunami hits Boise

We warned that there was a blue wave about to hit Boise and it has finally arrived in the face of Mayor Lauren McLean. If you thought Mayor Biter was bad, wait until you hear about the “Final Transition team report” put out by Boise’s latest official Liberal Mayor.

We warned what this new liberal would bring to Boise back in November and now it is here. Mayor McLean issued a 12-page manifesto that reads like the goals of Liberal cities like Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco. It was only a matter of time before the real Lauren McLean stood up and revealed who she really is and what her objectives are for turning Boise—capital of the Reddest of the Red states—and its surrounding area Blue.

The manifesto starts off with a vision from Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. written in 1956 titled “Facing the Challenge of a New Age” and jumps right into just how McLean intends to transform the city of Boise into a mecca for liberals who want to transform Idaho into the newest bastion for liberalization. If the Mayor should attain even half of the goals she has set, native Idahoans will have difficulty recognizing their capital city. The scales have been tipped in the direction of liberalization and I doubt that they can be turned back. We said last year that elections have consequences and they have arrived in once conservative Idaho.

Let’s look at just some of McLean’s ambitions in this conversion process. You can see the entire 12-page diatribe here.

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Let’s start off with committing the City of Boise to “an ongoing and robust effort to interrupt white dominant/white supremacist culture with a multi-layered strategy and designate a full-time City of Boise staff person to serve as Director of Equitable, Safer and Thriving City.”

It appears that our Mayor knows little about American history and who was responsible for freeing the slaves. Democrats did not want to abolish slavery, give slaves citizenship, or the right to vote. Idaho does not have a racism problem, but Mayor McLean would like to make everyone think we do.

“Establish an Office of Immigrant Affairs with at least one full time dedicated staff person. Responsible for leading a revolving immigration bond fund and access to free counsel in deportation proceedings.”

Who will pay for this action? You can be sure it will be the residents of Boise with higher property taxes already in the hopper.

“End coordination and collaboration of localities (police, all city government) with ICE and end local practices of inquiring about immigration status, collect immigration data or share immigration data with any person.”

Can anyone say Sanctuary City? Does anyone remember what happened to the cities who stopped cooperating with ICE? More crime and violence became a part of the city structure.

“Increasing minimum wage to a livable wage that aligns with the local housing market.”

We all saw what this did to the city of Seattle. Less jobs for entry-level employees and higher costs for all employers.

“City Attorneys will monitor compliance with new policies dealing with the prosecution of immigrants when making charging decisions engaging in plea bargaining and making sentence recommendations and receives quarterly training on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.”

This will increase the work burden on city attorneys and cost the city many more man-hours that will be paid for by higher taxes. Why should the public subsidize anything with immigration that is a federal matter?

“A 30 percent increase in women in leadership positions and 30 percent increase in leadership of people from communities impacted by marginalization.”

I’m not aware of any communities impacted by marginalization except those rural ones that have had their economies ripped from their very structure because no one in Idaho’s government is willing to defend them.

“Increase lower paying positions so there is no more than four times difference in salaries between the highest and lowest positions in City of Boise government.”

Yes, let us raise pay for just about everyone in city government that already wastes too much of the public’s money.

“Publicly fund municipal campaign.”

Why should the public be responsible for campaigns of politicians who they may not want in office?

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2 replies on “Blue Tsunami hits Boise”

Yes. AND less funding from Feds, just when crime will be on increase due to protected illegal alien felons. See

Not to worry, by November we will be up to our ears in a civil war. We can sort this out then….

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