BILL: Bible Over Butch

Governor Otter vetoed the school Bible bill on April 5. He was characterized in an April 10 editorial in the Coeur d’Alene Press: “In his wisdom and no small amount of courage…”

Well, I still will go with the Twelve Apostles of JESUS as my role models, who, except for one, were martyred for their faith. See Revelation 18.

One simple definition of science is prediction. If you can’t predict, you haven’t got science. Darwinian Philosophy is what I was taught for Historical Geology in the Universities. Every prediction this evolutionary worldview has put forward since 1859, has been proven wrong:

There are no transition forms between species; experimentation with fruit flies and other organisms, have produced no new species; the earliest fossils are complex and show great diversity; as early as 1966, MIT computer models showed evolution to be impossible; only variation in species has ever been shown; and much more. “Evolution is a fairy tale for adults.”

The Bible is Our Creator’s Revelation to mankind. This ‘brilliant book’ is like no other book. Prediction after prediction has been fulfilled. Recently I loaned another Geologist, “The Exodus Case: New Discoveries of the Historical Exodus” by Dr. Lennart Moller. The remains of Pharaoh’s defeated army, including chariot wheels (~1450 B.C.), were located on a submarine land bridge in the Gulf of Aqaba; and Mount Sinai (called Jabal Al Lawz), where Moses received the Ten Commandments, has been found in northern Saudi Arabia.

“Mitochondrial Eve” studies suggest that we all come from one woman; and “Y-chromosomal Adam” studies suggest that we all come from one man, just as the Bible says.

Well over 100 prophecies about CHRIST have been proven true, and supported by other sources, such as Josephus, the Roman Historian.

Our children are indoctrinated with the Religion of Evolution. Why the deception? Darwinianism is used to steal knowledge of our origins, who we are, and where we are going. See Syd Albright’s article “Idaho senators Taylor and Church promoted ‘The New World Order‘” (Press, History Corner, Feb. 21), and Psalm 2.

Will the U.S. be dominated by an Antichrist Spirit in the near future?

If you want to know Truth, do your own research. The Earth history of our own Northern Rocky Mountains is poorly understood. This is a wonderful geologic study for students in GOD’S Natural Laboratory!

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